Planet Derek: Best Copywriting Book, Chris Rock Standup Comedy Show, and Why I Got Bored Of My Content In 2017 (episode 3)

So, you want to become a better copywriter? Or writer? Or maybe you want to become a better public speaker?

You should watch this new video.

Why I Got Bored Of My Content In 2017

In 2017, I stopped making videos.



How many times can I tell you to promote your work?

How many times can I say you need a sales page?

How many times can I say entrepreneurs need to learn how to sell themselves and their work?

And I got to the point where I rather throw myself under a bus than continue to say the same thing.

So, I stopped creating content.

I stopped making videos.

I fell out of the habit of writing blog posts.

But I’m back.

And in this video I have some interesting thoughts on Chris Rocks’ new standup comedy show, my favorite copywriting book, and why I got bored of writing my content in 2017.

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And that’s why I decided to change things up and launch a YouTube reality tv show called “Planet Derek.” This is where I Take you behind the scenes of my life and share some interesting insights about business, growth, and entrepreneurship.

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