Plus Sized Fashion Week Shows International Viability of Niche Market

Recently international fashion designers came together in Lagos, Nigeria for the first ever Plus Size Fashion Week Africa. The event featured collections from designers around the world created specifically for plus sized and curvy consumers.

While this is the first event of its kind in Africa, the niche it represents has been increasing internationally for years. Business Insider reports the plus sized fashion industry is currently valued at around $20 billion. And brands like Lane Bryant believe that the market could hit $50 billion in the near future.

This trend means more big brands are paying attention to the plus sized clothing market. The latest indication of this is the launch of a new collection by designer Lauren Conrad featuring plus sized designs for Kohl’s.

Plus-Size Market Growth Brings Opportunities

But small businesses can also jump into this segment, either as a way of adding to an existing fashion line or starting a niche fashion business from the ground up.

Traditionally, fashion brands have largely ignored plus sized consumers or offered limited options, leaving buyers in this segment underserved in the industry. But the attitude is clearly changing, as demonstrated by Plus Size Fashion Week Africa and the increasing number of designers launching fashion lines specifically for plus sized consumers.

So if you’re in the garment business or are interested in jumping in, this is a niche that shouldn’t be ignored. Whether you’re creating a line specifically for plus sized buyers or just adding more plus sized options onto your existing clothing lines, be sure to consider this increasing consumer base in your plans as well. The plus sized clothing market represents a niche already worth billions.

Image: Plus Size Fashion Week Africa/Facebook

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