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Los Angeles, CA — (SBWIRE) — 05/02/2019 — Think Tank Marketing (Think Tank) has recently launched its professional SEO services for online businesses. While there are tons of other marketing services out there, this upcoming SEO company shows promise with their unique way of approaching their SEO efforts, understanding their clients’ audience, and creating solid relationships with them. Think Tank currently provides services for search engine optimization, content writing, Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, and more.

What makes Think Tank stand out is that they started doing SEO with their own sites. They practiced and mastered their SEO strategies first before branching out to other businesses. This shows that they don’t make empty promises.

Think Tank also differentiates themselves by the amount of effort they put in when approaching their clients. Instead of sending a generic email blast and see if anyone bites, they research ahead and handpick those that they know they can help. This means that when Think Tank first gets in contact with potential clients, they already know who their target market is and what keywords they can focus to improve lead generation and traffic flow to their website. It is clear that they care.

Why Companies Hire SEO Services

Many businesses hire SEO companies to save money on Adwords. By showing up on page one of search engines (not through paid ads) naturally, businesses can cut back on spending on paid ads. To show up naturally on Google, a website needs content that is useful to consumers and tells Google’s algorithm that the content is relevant to what people are searching for. This is where Think Tank sets themselves apart from other SEO companies.

Think Tank drives organic traffic to websites by writing content that provides value to consumers and is unique while satisfying the technical requirements that Google is looking for. They are able to meet both criteria by researching their clients’ target market and the focus keywords associated with it. Doing research really helps Think Tank drive more organic traffic to their clients’ websites and increase their lead count. This is where Think Tank takes it a step further. They not only dish out unique content but also monitor existing pages to make sure all their previous work is doing well.

Keeping Up With SEO is No Joke

SEO is not an easy responsibility to maintain. Many businesses try to do SEO on their own to try to save cost on hiring SEO services in Los Angeles. However, what ends up happening to most is that they struggle to find the time and resources to actually spend time on it. There are numberous steps involved in an SEO plan, and there is always work to be done.

Page rankings and search algorithms change all the time, and keeping up with those while focusing on their businesses is a near impossible task. Most people find what they are looking for on page one, so if a webpage is on page two, that is still not good enough to generate the optimal number of leads. It may not be an easy decision, hiring a professional SEO service really does pay off.

One of the core elements of SEO is writing unique articles that provide value to consumers. The writings also need to be technically written to show Google that they match the criteria for being in the number one spot on search rankings.

Writing about what consumers want to read is simple, but writing it in a way that satisfies both consumers and Google is where the challenge comes in. Think Tank has come across this challenge countless times and have found their know-how to write and optimize articles that surpass the client’s competitors.

SEO is crucial for every online business today. Without doing SEO, it is near impossible for a business’s website to be noticed online. Charles Panzarella, the founder of Think Tank Marketing, stated that “SEO has never been more important for businesses online than today. We recognize this trend and have worked hard to make sure that all our clients benefit from our SEO services.”

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Think Tank Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California that offers SEO services, content writing, and link building services for online businesses. They are on a mission to help companies connect with their ideal audience and to help consumers find the assistance/product they need.

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