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Done with your mobile application development? Now, the next step you need to focus on is its marketing. There are multiple ways to enhance your app ranking, as well as downloads. In order to decipher more things, read the entire write-up.

You must have recently built a mobile app for your business. That’s why you are now looking for ways to increase its download and ranking. No doubt, you have made a flawless design with a feature-rich app, but still, you are facing one issue, which is the biggest one.

No one is downloading your app!

All your efforts are just a waste if you are not able to reach out to your target audience.

In spite of the fact that you have hired the best mobile app development company and developed a wonderful app, it is crucial to do its proper marketing. Don’t get discouraged, just follow some tips and make it popular across the globe. However, before directly jumping to the tips to increase your app downloads, let us understand that how applications are downloaded in the first place.

One of the crucial aspects to consider for generating more mobile app downloads is the way app stores are publishing your app. You all are aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, do you know anything about App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Both the terms are quite similar when it comes to your app success. It would be not wrong to that ASO have a greater impact on increasing your app’s visibility. Higher rank is the biggest factor that allows users to find out about your app. These are the key points that affect your ASO:

  1. Positive Reviews: Positive reviews automatically give your app higher ranking. Once you get a good ranking, then it is quite for you to boosts downloads without many efforts.
  2. App Downloads: If you have a good number of downloads, then more users can trust your application. This means that the app publishes should always aim for a stable number of downloads, in order to rank highly.
  3. Appropriate Keywords: Mobile applications that are designed by using relevant keywords in the title, as well as description are likely to get more downloads.
  4. Good Revenue: If your app has a good revenue generation then you will probably get higher visibility, which helps in a greater number of downloads.
  5. Presence in Social Media: Your mobile app’s recognition all around the social media platforms definitely affects the app store ranking, especially on Android. +1’s on Google+, as well as shares, determine whether users are noticing your application or not.
  6. Un-installation Rate: This is one of the key factors that check how people are uninstalling your app within 30 days. If the number is high, then it affects your ranking. Therefore, it is necessary to offer your target audience something they are actually looking for.

Now, after you know that what are the core points that are necessary to consider, let us go through the tips to be considered.

4 Tricks to Increase your App Downloads

  1. Build an Attractive App Icon

App Developers are aware of the fact that the app icon is one of the primary things someone notices in the app store. Therefore, the design you prefer is decisive to your success. Since users will only stop your app if it is attractive and applicable. Always ensure that you utilize a design, which depicts the precise representation of your mobile app.

  1. Increase Your Social Media Presence

Prior to making a decision on which networks you want to utilize for building the public persona of your app,  choose the angle, to begin with. This implies that your social media influence must match up with your app’s functionality.

In case, you have a cool and edgy app, don’t tire users with plain business language. However, if the app is designed towards young professionals, then pick a platform that suits it well. These are the platforms where your app gets most of the attention:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Pinterest
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Youtube
  6. FourSquare
  1. Describe Your App Properly

Want to stick in user’s heads? Then, you must use a unique app title. In order to do so, you are required to pursue these below-mentioned tips:

  1. Don’t utilize the names that are in use. Instead of this, look for a catchy name. Moreover, copying someone else’s name can put you in trouble.
  2. Make the name of your app short, which is simple to spell and outstanding.
  3. Give your app a name that reflects the appropriateness of your app.

App Stores offer you a limit of 225 characters; you should use approximately 25 of them. The app name of your provide acts as a Meta description, therefore, it should be packed with some useful keywords.

  1. Market the App Effectively

According to your total budget, you need to spend the money on advertising all around the channels that are admired by your target audience. Some of these are:

  1. Social media
  2. Sites like Reddit
  3. SMS marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Email Marketing


By utilizing these core points, Android or iOS app development companies can easily enhance their business productivity.  For those, who are still searching for a dependable app development company, Fluper is the best choice. With previous years of experience, they can build apps with advanced functionality.

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