r/marketing - Introducing - Freelancer Directory

r/marketing – Introducing – Freelancer Directory

Hey everyone, I’ve finally pushed live the freelancer directory to the community site.

I know a lot of us are working from home either from our choices or others (were laid off) so I’m hoping this new directory will help you find new and more work.

You’ll need to create an account to participate (change your job preference under the profile menu to freelance). You’ll show up instantly in the new directory.

The second phase goal is to allow a rating or feedback that freelancers can get from clients to help build their directory rating. With top-rated freelancers will sorting to the top per industry category.

Also, for companies that submit a job post in the “freelance” category, on the completion page, will get a sorted list of freelancers from the directory matched from related skills.

Please let me know your feedback. I’m happy to address concerns and add more features.



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