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A growing business should strive to keep its name before the customer base, as well as the public. This continued presence can be accomplished by a strategic advertizing and marketing program.

Advertising is a business expense, but also an investment which has moved heavily into the age of websites found on the internet. To better serve the Citrus County business community, SCORE is offering an opportunity for businesses to improve their web presence. A business resource directory will be added to the SCORE website, which will create a cost-effective and efficient advertising medium for local businesses.  

The resource directory will be featured on the SCORE website as a web-based display advertisement. The directory will be a place to locate and support local businesses. Every listed business in the directory will contain the company name, logo, website address and all the critical information to help customers find understand and become a buyer of product or service.

Supporting Citrus SCORE services

The goal of SCORE, over its 20-plus years of service to Citrus County, has been to support the startup and growth of small businesses in our community. Business mentoring, educational workshops, print literature and access to SCORE’s national website have been the mainstay of SCORE services.   

SCORE Citrus, in the past, has been able to support operational and office expenses to provide the free services of our certified business mentor volunteers from the proceeds of our annual golf tournament. The SCORE Business Resource Directory will replace the golf tournament as a source of revenue to fund our mission of serving the Citrus County business community.

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Join the resource directory

To join the SCORE Business Resource Directory, simply go to and once on the home page, slowly scroll down to find the link “Great Local Businesses.” From there, you can register by clicking on the “Submit Your Business” link and follow the information prompts.  

The cost is a $100 donation per year and your informational ad link is available all day, every day. Join today to enjoy a full boat of information about your business that will draw customers to your link. The cost of the $100 donation annually is more than reasonable and is a wise investment, as it delivers an advertisement from a business-to-business perspective.

More reasons to list your business in the directory besides a low cost of advertising that can reach many Citrus County consumers:

n The backlink (your URL) listing helps to move your business with search engine optimization.

n The SCORE Business Resource Directory is designed specifically to help your business improve its web presence.  

n The design gives your business a “local citation” online, a feature that helps to drive your business toward the top “map spots” on web search engines.

Want more information? Call Jim Green at 352-464-7971.

Citrus County SCORE exists for “The Life Of Your Business” — providing free business mentoring from certified SCORE business mentors. Call 352-249-1236 for information and an appointment. If you reach the office in nonbusiness hours, please leave your information so we can call you back to answer your questions and set an appointment time.

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Dr. Frederick J. Herzog is a past president of Citrus County SCORE and can be reached at 847-899-9000 or via email to 

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