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SEO 2019 Trends: Gone are the days when people used to advertise their business through flexes, newspapers, and pamphlets. With the arrival of Information Technology, the need for a presence on the Internet is getting popular. Most companies are eager to develop more complicated websites but they fail to realize the importance of SEO.

According to SEO Toronto, Google is a clever analyzer. One has to regularly please it with the latest updates and trends. If you think that your website has not been performing well, it is certain that you have not complied with the modern trends of SEO 2019. The era of HummingBird and Panda is long dead, the dawn of HummingBird and Defender has arrived and you should plan your strategy in compliance with the new trends.

Future of SEO

Accelerated Mobile Pages: Google AMP is an initiative taken up by Google SEO to build an easy to use websites for visitors. According to this trend, a simple and lighter version of HTML is in demand. Most websites are already taking advantage of what Accelerated Mobile Pages have to offer. However, you can’t load your external libraries and run your own Javascript on AMP.

Still, AMP pages load 40 times faster than the non-AMP pages and you need to adjust your website accordingly for maximum result folks.

Microformats: Microformats are HTML patterns that signal information about your website. The more information Google finds about your website, the more accurately, the search engine can rank it. Besides, schemas or microformats can make your content more attractive to visitors, thereby enticing more visits and clicks.

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Microformats don’t work for every website. If you are not a business website with ratings, specific location or hours of operations where clients might visit you, schemas are not pertinent to your website.

Easy to Read Posts: Gone are the days when search engines were just focussed at the keywords. With the changing trends, you have to post easy to read and quality posts. Keep each paragraph to 4 to 5 sentences. It is even better to use a one-sentence paragraph. Your paragraph should be a group of related sentences that support one main idea.

Long sentences are difficult to follow on a laptop screen but they work fine when used sparingly, especially when used with short and medium sentences.

Voice Search SEO 2019: In 2019, the voice search has become convenient and easier for many users who don’t like to type. In addition to Siri and Google Voice, programs such as Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant all have voice search capabilities.

Voice search improves user experience, and that is why, by the end of 2019, more than
half of all searches will be made through voice search. By January 2019, there was an average of two billion voice searches every month, proving that voice search is becoming popular.

Mobile Optimization: Most of the businesses lose their potential clients because of the low loading speed of their website. About 60% of web traffic comes from smartphones. Google has announced in December 2018 that they are migrating websites to mobile friendly index, meaning that the mobile-friendly version is used for ranking and indexing of your web pages. It makes a mobile-friendly website very important.

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So, keeping all the above-mentioned SEO 2019 rules in mind, you can plan your SEO strategy the right way to deal with the new challenges coming in 2019.

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