SEO-Specialists Choice: Bitdefender as Total Protection for All Your Devices


Bitdefender is not a new name in the antivirus industry. Keeping the top numbers for the last many years, it offers a selection of subscription bases antivirus tools for you. It consistently earns the near-perfect scores on the reviews and the lab-tests against viruses and malware. The Bitdefender 2020 version is out now with a lot more sets of extra features. Not only general users but SEO-specialists also consider Bitdefender as the best choice available. It is the global leader in cybersecurity and the widely chosen antivirus software for windows 10.

Bitdefender is one of the biggest cybersecurity companies in the world and provides a security solution for both your personal and business use. Protecting over 500 million systems in more than 150 countries, Bitdefender has become a global cybersecurity leader, being the best choice of users. The Bitdefender innovation has consistently improved itself for better, delivering top-notch products for people, homes, businesses, networks, and cloud services.


Bitdefender is not just antivirus software. It comes with so many extra security tools. It has all the essential malware hunting tools, but also some great additional extra features. It offers high-quality real-time protection, fast and efficient detection and removal of virus, useful security add-on tools, and easy-to-access and navigates user interface. Besides, it provides a password manager, blocking of malicious websites, online banking protection, Bitdefender VPN, and also parental control. On the premium version, it offers unlimited VPN traffic and priority when contacting the support.

Bitdefender is an all-in-one solution for protection from digital threats; it provides ultimate security to all your devices, regardless of operating systems they run on. It has the best multi-layered protection which provides advanced threat defense, complete web anonymity, and network threat prevention by encrypting all your incoming and outgoing traffic. The Anti-Phishing feature keeps you out of online scams. It sniffs and blocks suspicious websites securing your financial data such as passwords and credit card numbers. Bitdefender even saves you from irrelevant and annoying messages in your inbox using Anti Spam feature.


On protection segment, Bitdefender provides features like Safe Files, Time Machine Protection and Anti-Theft which let you prevent unauthorized changes to your important files, protect your backup from ransomware and contains anti-loss and anti-theft tools on your device respectively. There is a ‘Rescue-Mode’ which is used to remove sophisticated viruses, rebooting the computer for restoration and clean-up.

Bitdefender is intelligent as well; the Autopilot mode acts as your security advisor, recommending you the needed security actions looking at the context of your system. It runs smoothly reacting to online threats, without affecting your system’s performance. The premium feature ‘Bitdefender Photon’ helps the program to adapt to the configurations of your system to save resources and improve the speed and performance of your device. It also has different modes for the games, movies, and work, and temporarily halts pop-ups, adjusts screen settings and takes control over the unrelated background activities so you can focus on what you are currently doing. In the case of laptops and tablets, the Battery Mode feature saves battery life by adjusting the system settings like display, wireless connectivity, and system updates.


Another amazing feature you can get with Bitdefender is Parental Control. You can provide extra online safety to your children, making browsing safe for them and keeping them away from inappropriate content on the internet. You can even decide right screen time for your kids and block incoming calls with no caller ID. It also gets you covered in your banking security that secures all your transactions to prevent fraud. The Password Manager allows you to store your online passwords, credit card information securely, and other highly-sensitive data with ease-access to you whenever you need it. Another exciting tool to mention in the File Shredder, which you can use to delete files. Such method removes even the traces of the fact that it ever existed in your file directories.

Therefore, globally recognized by the industry, well-respected by vendors, recommended by specialists and well-liked by users, Bitdefender is certainly the best option out there for absolute protection and is the top choice on antivirus for windows 10 and all your other compatible devices. It is continuously improving itself with a lot of new set of features and reasonable pricing range, being the best cybersecurity company you can rely on over the years. Bitdefender does a great job of protecting you from both existing and newly-invented threats. There are a lot of attractive schemes available you can check out here, and you can even try a free 30-day trial.

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