Sharp GX-BT280 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Sharp have just released a new range of Bluetooth speakers, including the GX-BT480, 280 & 180. We’ve been fortunate enough to get one to try out, the 280 model, so let’s do just that.

Tech Spec:
– 20watt total output
– Bluetooth & 3.5mm aux connections
– 12 hours playback
– IP56 ‘splashproof’
– Size: 67 x 186 x 67 mm
– Weight: 440g

Look & Feel

The GX-BT280 is the middle sibling of 3, and as such its the middle on size, shape and specification. The speaker comes in 3 different colours, black, red & blue. It’s cylindrical in shape, it’s about the size of a can of Monster energy drink and I think it looks pretty darn good.

To the front the of speaker are three buttons, play/pause and volume up/down (also track forward/back). To the rear is the power on button and a rubber cover, which is home to the USB port for charging and 3.5mm aux port. The speaker is constructed from plastic, has a rubber top & bottom, with the center being covered in a textured fabric. Note the top & bottom rubber parts are wavy in profile, this is to allow space for the sound to escape when sat vertically.


There are drivers visibly situated at the top and bottom of the speaker, plus air ports that project through the mesh where the buttons are. The speaker is designed to sit vertically, it’s a struggle to keep it in position if laid horizontally and if the front is facing your surface, you’ll instantly notice a drop in sound quality by blocking the ports.

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The speaker can be connected to your smart device/media player via Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack if desired. Charge time was a few hours.


At low to mid volumes, the speaker performs very well. It offers crisps & clear vocals, with enough bass to compliment. The speaker can get very loud and at those levels, although it sounds OK, it really lacks in bass. I listened to a variety of chart songs and favourites of mine, all of which were very enjoyable and filled my kitchen without an issue. Background music, out & about with friends it’s ideal, indoor or outdoor party and it’s not going to cut it.


The buttons on the speaker work very well, they’re simple push buttons and hard to miss. Charge time was a few hours for me and I’d agree with Sharp when they say playback is about 12 hours. I was probably 6 or 7 hours into use and the battery level identified on my smartphone was less than 50%.

The speaker is IP56, which means it’s dustproof & water-resistant i.e. it can withstand the odd splash of water but it cannot be submerged. It comes with a rope handle, so you can attach it to your backpack or carry it that way and thanks to its construction, it’s fairly robust but just take care of those exposed drivers top & bottom. The speaker can also be used as a conference call device and its compatible with Siri & Google.


The Sharp GX-BT280 retails at just £55 and at that price is a fantastic little speaker. No, It wont blow you away but nor will it burn a hole in your bank account. For more information and to purchase, head over to the official Sharp webpage.

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