Should Gamers be on Your Marketing Radar? Latest Stats and Trends in Gaming and eSports [Infographic]

To non-gamers, it seems totally confusing as to why anyone would sit and watch others play video games.

But they do – last year’s ‘League of Legends’ World Championship reached more than 100 million viewers, 13 million tuned in to watch last year’s Halo World Championships – two of the top-five YouTube channels with the most subscribers worldwide are gaming related. Gaming, and eSports, is big business, and it’s growing to become an even more important consideration – which is important for marketers to take in.

Why is it important? Because gaming is especially big among younger users, the next generation of consumers whom your brand will really want to target. You may not be looking to reach them now, but at some stage, these people will become your key focus, and building connection with them early can play an important role.

So how can you do that? Maybe you could look to sponsor an eSports team, partner with a gaming competition, run ads within gaming broadcasts. It may not seem like a good fit, and eSports may seem strange in general, but the stats don’t lie.

And speaking of stats, check out this new infographic from the team at Filmora on the growth and potential of gaming.

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