Still Playin’ Church

Price: $14.99 - $14.53

Pastor Terrence and Sister Janice vowed to never step foot in New Life M.B. Church ever again after his oldest sibling Deacon Leroy shot his wife in the church two years ago when a scandal erupted. Chaos breaks out when New Life Missionary Baptist Church has to merge with their rival church, Greater Life Ministries after Reverend Johnson gets sick and suffers a heart attack and Pastor Terrence has to come back to fill in as pastor for his father. Imagine if you will two congregations that don’t even like one another, merging together to become one ministry with two first ladies. Whoever said segregation ain’t in the church told a bold face lie; it’s alive and kicking once again at New Life Missionary Baptist Church. Deacon Leroy swears to get revenge on his younger brother with secrets from his past that threatens his marriage and his ministry. The saga continues with more lies and deception than before as Still Playin’ Church takes you on the battlefield of good and evil behind the doors of the church.Still Playin Church


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