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Fundamental #1 is breathing deeply and relaxing. I will give you a little, free preview of the course to whet your appetite and to show you how unsexy blogging seems, at times. Imagine being present, now. No where but the moment, really. Time does not exist. The future never comes. The past is a ghost. What does this have to do with blogging? Everything.

All blogging success stems from being in the moment, patiently learning blogging from pros, generously helping people by creating content and building connections and trusting deeply in the process. Do this stuff from a relaxed, generous, abundant energy and you succeed. But most bloggers dwell on future and past from a heavy, dominant fear energy and do silly stuff leading to failure. Other bloggers do the right things but from a fear-filled energy, leading to failure.

In my blogging eBook for being a full time travel blogger, I discuss 2 common mistakes I see on the circuit. Travel bloggers rely on sponsored post and ad revenue as newbies, with no following or skills, and make no money, struggle and fail. Fear goads you to make such a silly mistake. Being present helps you become aware of and feel and release the fear, to move forward from success.

Does being present sound boring to you? Likely, yes. I betcha you just want blogging tips to make money. But wanting these tips proves you vibe from fear and/or desperation, and/or greed, and you will fail unless you make yourself present, feel these fears, release fears and proceed from abundance.

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Blogging rocks. Have fun blogging. I circled the globe through blogging. But here I am on a Thursday morning at 10:30 AM writing a blog post, promoting my course and promoting my eBook. Boring? Not really, but a little bit, if I am honest. That is OK. Successful blogging bores every successful blogger sometimes. We are humans. Not robots. I am no robot. I love blogging. 100% of the time? Nope. Sometimes, blogging bores me but I proceed from a generous energy, nudge into fears and keep helping people. Par for the course.

Blogging is simple. But blogging becomes uncomfortable at times because doing simple things, for days, then years, generously, your mind-fear craves spectacular results. But it takes time for spectacular results to come into form, plus it takes your generous, giving nature and a trust in self and in the blogging process to do it right, to build a blog with integrity, to sleep well at night.

Carry on. Keep helping people. Blogging gets boring sometimes. Carry on. Do not quit. Complain some, to get these energies out of your system, and proceed by simply writing posts, commenting on blogs, promoting other bloggers and opening multiple streams of income. Even if you enjoy blogging like me, the journey does feel boring and quite unsexy in moments, which is totally OK, normal, natural and quite routine, here and there, at least.

Spectacular blogging results flow from simple, basic, generous actions taken every day, for 4 to 12 hours daily, for years of your life. Being human, experiencing emotions in a range, sometimes the simple blogging actions feel boring or lame or quite mundane.

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Welcome to being a professional blogger.


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