Survey Reveals Top Challenges Businesses Face Using WordPress

Performance issues, security vulnerabilities and problems resulting from updates top the list of challenges facing businesses using WordPress.

The stats come from a survey conducted by Pagely, a managed WordPress hosting platform.

The 2018 Edition of “The Biggest WordPress Headaches” survey looks at some very specific issues affecting how the WordPress platform operates.

WordPress currently powers more than 30 percent of the top 10 million sites on the internet, and 30 percent of all sites. And as more people and organizations use it, they are pointing out issues they have with the platform.

For small businesses, the top three pain points the survey highlights are critically important to ensure a website is up and running at all times.

In the survey, Pagely asked specialty dev agencies, bloggers, enterprise tech leads and CEOs to share some of the headaches they face when managing and hosting their WordPress sites. Pagely is a managed WordPress hosting platform.

The Biggest WordPress Problems

Specifically, 52 percent of respondents said performance issues were the biggest headaches when operating a WordPress site. Meanwhile 41 percent believe security is the greatest challenge and 35 percent worry about the impact updates may have upon their sites.

The three issues are related to keeping a site in top form. If there are problems with the performance, security and updates, there is a good chance your site won’t be performing at optimal levels.

Headaches of Hosting

A WordPress site can be hosted through a provider or self-hosted. For respondents who chose a provider to host their sites 30 percent said cost was the greatest issue. By comparison, 25 percent said support was the greatest issue, 19 percent complained about security issues and 18 percent found uptime the biggest challenge.

Among respondents  who chose self-hosting 50 percent said security monitoring was the biggest challenge, with 47 percent saying updating and improving their site was the biggest issue. Another 39 percent claimed not having 24/7 service as the biggest problem, and 29 percent said staff productivity issues were most difficult to handle.

You can take a look at the infographic for the rest of the data from the survey.

What are the Biggest WordPress Problems?

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