The Consequences of Authenticity | Danny Brown

blindfolded 1732539 1920
blindfolded 1732539 1920
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Don’t you think it’s bizarre how we aspire to be natural, and yet to be natural takes an unnatural amount of work?

I recall reading a piece on actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba once, and how she was asked to do a photoshoot for natural skin. Of course, they wanted to plaster all sorts of makeup on her, just to make her look “natural”.

She declined.

I wonder why we feel the need to put masks on, even when the ask is for fewer masks?

There are always things we don’t want – or need – to see. But for the most part, we should be confident enough in ourselves to open up, consequences be damned.

But maybe it’s the consequences themselves that put people off?

All too often, I’ve seen examples of people being brave and opening up and then being shot down for it, particularly on social media where anonymity and distance equal delusions of power.

It seems to me that we talk a lot about seeking authenticity, but only if it’s authentic by our standards.

Which kinda negates the whole ask to begin with…

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