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The Danger of False Heroes

Have you ever looked around you – really looked around you – and saw your place in the world?

It could be your place in your own particular world or your place in the bigger picture.

It doesn’t really matter – all that matters is you take that look around you and recognize your place in it.

We live in a society that changes quickly and moves even quicker. It’s easy to get lost, swept away or side-tracked. Things we meant to do yesterday we don’t have a chance to do tomorrow.

We live in a world where our families are second to our jobs because industries are so frail they could be gone by the time you finish reading this. We go where the work is, and not always together.

While some things can’t change, others can. So let’s try.

Heroes Can Be Dangerous

In times of need, we often look for heroes to guide us through, or to make sense of what we’re doing. Yet heroes come in many shapes and guises.

False heroes offer little except hope that isn’t there. We know deep inside that these heroes are false, and yet we still follow them in the vain hope that maybe it’s us that’s wrong.

It isn’t. And you don’t need false heroes to guide you – true heroes are all around you.

  • They’re there in the eyes of the children you bear as they make their way from innocence to adulthood.
  • They’re in the parents that raised you to be who you are today.
  • They’re in the mirror, looking back at you every day.

That job you hold down to feed your family? These luxuries you give up to keep a roof over the heads of your loved ones? The sacrifices you make to put a smile on the faces of those you cherish?

You’re being a hero every day of your life. Realize that, and forget the false heroes – no-one makes a difference like you do.

Pay It Forward

The world is changing. The greedy are being found out for who and what they are and the society changers are coming to the fore. Be part of this.

Encourage people to greatness and show them they, and everyone else, have the ability to change the way we live – all of us.

The Pay It Forward Foundation started as a simple book idea – yet the simplest ideas offer the greatest scope for change.

Read the book; visit the website; digest the information. Encourage greatness in others and see the greatness in yourself.

Be a Showoff

Our world is connected like never before. Our parents could only dream of how we can reach others with the click of a button.

Our children will be the forebearers of the true social networks. Let’s use our connectivity now to set the standards for tomorrow.

  • If you like someone’s train of thought, recommend them to your community.
  • If you read a blog that inspires or makes you ask questions, share it with friends and colleagues and join the discussion.
  • If you have something to say yourself that makes you think, say it – we’re all listening and we want to hear.

We have the opportunity to help the good and the great rise to the challenges ahead.

Our leaders can’t do everything themselves – we need to be leaders as well.

Show off the words and the work of those who inspire you, and in turn, you’ll inspire others to learn from you.

Ours is a small world in a vast landscape. It’s up to us – to you – how well it sits in that landscape.

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