The Finder Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

Basic Finder ActionsCmd + NOpen new windowCmd + TOpen new tabCmd + WClose active window
¹Close active tabShift + Cmd + W¹Close active windowOption + Cmd + WClose all windows
¹Close all tabs except the active tabOption + Shift + Cmd + W¹Close all windowsCmd + OOpen selected item(s)Option + Cmd + OOpen selected item(s) and close active window or ¹active tabShift + Cmd + NCreate new folderControl + Cmd + NCreate new folder and move selected item to itCmd + IShow Get Info pane for selected item(s)Option + Cmd + IShow Inspector pane for selected item(s)Cmd + POpen selected file for printingEnterRename selected itemCmd + CCopy selected item(s) to clipboardOption + Cmd + C²Copy pathname of selected item to clipboardCmd VPaste item(s) from clipboardOption + Cmd + VMove selected item(s) to active location i.e. cut-paste item(s)Cmd + ZUndo last actionShift + Cmd + ZReverse “Undo action”Cmd + DDuplicated selected item(s)Control + Cmd + ACreate alias for selected item(s)Option+ Control + Cmd + ALocate original item for selected alias(es)³SpaceOpen Quick Look preview of selected item(s)³Cmd + YOpen Quick Look preview of selected item(s)³Option + Cmd + YOpen slideshow or fullscreen Quick Look preview of selected item(s)Control + Cmd + TAdd sidebar shortcuts for selected item(s)Control + Shift + Cmd + TAdd selected item(s) to DockCmd + DeleteMove selected item(s) to TrashOption + Cmd + DeleteDelete selected item(s) immediatelyShift + Cmd + DeleteEmpty TrashOption + Shift + Cmd + DeleteEmpty Trash immediately i.e. without warning dialogCmd + EEject the selected disk or volumeCmd + FOpen a Finder search window (search bar is activated automatically)Option + Cmd + SpaceOpen a Finder search window even when Finder is not activeView and Sort OptionsCmd + 1Switch to Icon viewCmd + 2Switch to List viewCmd + 3Switch to Column viewCmd + 4Switch to Gallery viewControl + Cmd + 0⁴Sort items into GroupsControl + Option + Cmd + 0Sort items by NoneControl + Option + Cmd + 1Sort items by NameControl + Option + Cmd + 2Sort items by KindControl + Option + Cmd + 3Sort items by Date Last OpenedControl + Option + Cmd + 4Sort items by Date AddedControl + Option + Cmd + 5Sort items by ModifiedControl + Option + Cmd + 6Sort items by SizeControl + Option + Cmd + 7Sort items by TagsOption + Cmd + 1Clean up items by NameOption + Cmd + 2Clean up items by KindOption + Cmd + 5Clean up items by Date ModifiedOption + Cmd + 6Clean up items by SizeOption + Cmd + 7Clean up items by TagsOption + Cmd + SToggle sidebarOption + Cmd + TToggle toolbar and sidebarShift + Cmd + TToggle tab barOption + Cmd + PToggle path barShift + Cmd + PToggle Preview sidebarCmd + / (Forward slash)Toggle status barCmd + JShow View options for active folderShift + Cmd + . (Period)Toggle visibility of hidden filesUp ArrowIcon View, Gallery View: Select last itemList View: Select item aboveColumn View: Select last item if no item selected, otherwise select item aboveDown ArrowIcon View, Gallery View: Select first itemList View: Select item belowColumn View: Select first item if no item selected, otherwise select item belowLeft ArrowIcon View: Select item on the leftList View: Collapse folderColumn View: Select parent folderGallery View: Select last item if no item selected, otherwise select first item on the leftRight ArrowIcon View: Select item on the rightList View: Expand folderColumn View: Select child itemGallery View: Select first item if no item selected, otherwise select first item on the rightTabIcon, List, and Gallery View: Cycle through items in the forward directionShift + TabIcon, List, and Gallery View: Cycle through items in the backward directionCmd + Up ArrowOpen enclosing (parent) folderCmd + Down ArrowSelect first item or open selected item(s)⁵Cmd + [Go one step backward⁵Cmd + ]Go one step forwardAccessing Standard Finder LocationsShift + Cmd + FOpen Recents windowShift + Cmd + OOpen Documents folderShift + Cmd + DOpen Desktop folderOption + Cmd + LOpen Downloads folderShift + Cmd + HOpen Home folder of current user accountShift + Cmd + COpen Computer windowShift + Cmd + ROpen AirDrop windowShift + Cmd + KOpen Network windowShift + Cmd + IOpen iCloud DriveShift + Cmd + AOpen Applications folderShift + Cmd + UOpen Utilities folderShift + Cmd + GOpen dialog to jump to folder using pathnameCmd + KOpen Connect to Server utilityCmd + , (Comma)Open Finder preferencesWindow ManagementCmd + MMinimize active windowOption + Cmd + MMinimize all windowsCmd + ` (Backquote)Cycle through (unminimized) windowsCmd + HHide FinderOption + Cmd + HHide all apps except FinderCmd + QQuit FinderMouse-Based ShortcutsCmd-ClickOpen sidebar item in new tab or windowCmd-Drag Toolbar/Sidebar ItemAdd item to or move/remove item from toolbar/sidebarCmd-Drag File/FolderTo toolbar/sidebar: Add a shortcutTo any location on disk: Move item thereEscCancel drag-and-drop action midwayDouble-click divider in Column ViewResize corresponding column to fit item with longest nameOption + Double-Click divider in Column ViewResize all columns to fit items with the longest name in eachOption-Drag divider in Column ViewResize columns equallyOption-Click Go MenuReveal link to Library folder¹When window has multiple tabs
²If multiple items are selected, pathname of first item will be copied.
³If no item selected, preview parent folder with Quick Look.
⁴Does not work in Gallery View.
⁵Based on tab/window history

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