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Search engines pull results based on the relevance of a certain web page. A web page’s relevance is tied directly to how many other reliable web pages include backlinks to their site.

The crux of search engine optimization relies on strengthening these ties between the most sited and linked to pages, fortifying the bonds and making a certain page ever more connected and, as a result, more relevant.

Google, Facebook, and YouTube are the behemoths of the internet, with the largest number of backlinks worldwide. Between the three domains, each grossed just under half a million backlinks on Majestic’s Million database.

Social networks, true to their name, make a strong showing in the top ten most backlinked to domains worldwide. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram all make it into the top ten, according to Majestic.

This article and chart originally appeared on the blog of the data firm Statista, and is republished here with permission.

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