The need for interactive content and how to create engaging and interactive Instagram Stories

The need for interactive content and how to create engaging and interactive Instagram Stories

Even if you buy real Instagram followers, there is no guarantee about engagement. Instead, engagements depend on the quality of content and how much interactive it is.  Only by creating interactive content on Instagram you can ensure higher engagement, which opens the gateway for more conversions that can make the business grow. The quality of content, coupled with its level of interactivity, is critical to attracting the audience to keep them closely engaged with the content that develops a relationship with the brand. Interactive content is like any other content but allows the audience to get involved with it and post their comments or questions about it or give their opinion about it.  It will take some fair amount of creativity to create interactive content because it requires a good understanding of the audience and what they like and dislike.

Instagram provides immense opportunities to interact with the audience by using Instagram Stories. It is not difficult to create a successful strategy for Instagram Stories; neither is it a time-consuming affair, provided you are clear in your mind about the way you want to engage with the audience.    When people engage with your Instagram Stories, here are some benefits that result from it.

Connect people with their desired content

Instagram ensures a high engagement rate, and like Instagram Feed, it aims to connect people with the most preferred content they are interested in. Instagram Stories, too serve the same purpose. You will see much higher engagement for your Instagram Stories.  By using interactive content, you can see the engagement happening as people are tapping on your Instagram Stories to express their views or opinions instead of merely consuming it. Sharing the views or commenting about the content is a sign of closer engagement missing for non-interactive content.

Ensure complete consumption of content

Tapping on the content does not ensure engagement because the viewer might quickly move on to some other content without going through the content. It is not easy to ensure that viewers will watch your Instagram Stories from the beginning to the end. The longer time viewers spend on the content better is the engagement, and you must keep an eye on viewer retention. Adding more engaging elements to your Instagram Stories will encourage people to dive deep into the content and express their feelings about it instead of just passively consuming it.

Followers will feel connected with you and the brand

By allowing your followers to interact with the content, you bring them closer to the brand, and they find reasons to stay closely engaged to it. It is one of the essential aspects of Instagram marketing because the relationships your build is much more valuable than the number of followers you have. By using Instagram Stories, you can convert your followers into loyal customers. By posting interactive content, you demonstrate your intention of taking a special interest in your followers to build meaningful relationships. It would make people feel compelled to reciprocate the gesture by putting in more effort to engage with the brand.

Here are some tips about how you can create more engaging Instagram Stories.

Raise a question

One way to provoke the audience to interact with your Instagram Stories is to ask a question, but a lot depends on how you place the question. Polling stickers are excellent tools to provoke the audience as you can ask them ‘how’ instead of a simple question that they can reply in yes or no. Ask them how much they love your product or how anxious they are to know about the brand’s upcoming launch. Their response will be quite visible from the animated emoji that responds to the movement of the scale.

Request a Direct Message (DM) for a link

To show your brand’s trustworthiness and authenticity, you must show the audience that there is a man behind the brand. The best way of doing it is to enter into a one on one conversation by using the Instagram Direct Message. Relationships get stronger as viewers would appreciate the time you devote to respond to them.

Add a clickable Instagram Sticker

Instagram Stories allow you to connect with other people within the community or in a hashtag hub. By using location stickers or hashtags, you invite more beyond your followers to view your Instagram Stories. If a considerable number of people interact with your Instagram Stories, there is a high chance that you could find yourself on the Explore page. By tagging your Stories, you can make it easier for others to re-post it on their account.

Self promote your content

The feature of Instagram that allows you to direct your followers to specific posts from your Stories is useful because you can tease your feed content, whether about a new product or the latest blog post. However, make sure that you add text to your Stories clip to tell them why you tapped into the checkout to interact with the post.

Get feedback from the audience by using Instagram stickers, which brings the audience closer to you.

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