‘TMI News’ covers actress Oh Yeon Seo’s girl group past

TMI News‘ covered actress Oh Yeon Seo‘s girl group past.

The October 2nd episode of ‘TMI News’ featured celebrities with unexpected pasts as singers, and Oh Yeon Seo came 6th in the ranking as a member of the early 2000s girl group trio LUV, which also included Jeon Hye Bin as member. Oh Yeon Seo was just 16 years old when she debuted with LUV in 2002, and she gathered attention for her resemblance to actress Kim Hee Sun

LUV didn’t last long, but Oh Yeon Seo was accepted into Anyang Art High School and later debuted as an actress.

Did you know Oh Yeon Seo was a girl group member?

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