Top 10 Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development

The mobile app industry is rapidly growing every day and it appears to never stop with the invention of wearable and various other types of useful and interactive devices. Based on a recent report by IHT Markit, by 2020 there will be more than 6 billion smartphone users all over the world. Businesses who are not involved in getting benefits from mobiles are missing a lot of chances to take advantage of the more prominent customer base.

A mobile application could either be a mobile version of the business or speak to a part of the business itself. You have to thoroughly consider it before you start development.

In fact, there are many parts of mobile app development that you have to consider before you really start with dedicated developers. If you are keen on developing an application, you may require to outsource mobile app development services to the experts in the industry. There are many benefits you will get from this life such as access to various resources and saving money as well as sufficient time to invest in your marketing efforts before its launch.

Top 10 Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development

Outsourcing mobile app development will also put you ahead of your competitors where you can work as the project manager with the ability to direct the whole procedure from a distance. The development team will do everything under your direction.

Outsourcing should not be taken lightly if you need desired results by the day’s end. As much as it accompanies various advantages, notes that you will also be going to take a big risk. Hence, you need to ensure that the whole procedure is done well.

To enjoy an extraordinary outsourcing experience and keep the failure stories far away, here are the top 10 factors you should consider before choosing offshore app development.

1. The Cost of Outsourcing App Development

The parameters of mobile app development cost differ relying on different conditions. Depends on the type of developer, application requirements, and also the region where developer resides.
You may spend less than $100 for an easy app and more than $250 for a complex application that comes with many features.

2. A Detailed Description of the App

You need to focus on some details before choosing an outsourcing team:

  • The motive of the app including your targeted audience
  • The preferred platform
  • Exact budget and timeframes
  • List of all functions and features you need to include in your app by a developer
  • Type of app native or hybrid
  • Whether custom settings are required or not and etc
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Giving all these required details will give a better idea to your developers to know your needs clearly and help them to handle it. The outcome of this would be perfect and accurate.

3. Find a Suitable Developer

After understanding the details of the need, the next and logical step you should consider it to look for a suitable developer. Try not to feel pressured to settle on a decision immediately, but it is vital because you will become able to avoid the companies not suitable according to your needs.

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In this manner, you need to hire an outsourcing company who can meet your business needs and is comfortable working with your style and business culture easily. Ensure that the developer you selected is the one who will be dealing with your task and will not outsource it further.

Do proper research while choosing an outsourcing team, read reviews and check their portfolios to end up with a trustworthy and reliable professional.

4. The Expertise of the Developers

Your selected development team should be well-versed with all mobile platforms and technology in which you want to develop your app. The versatility in managing the complex issues have to discussed and studied in a detailed manner. Check their portfolio in order to understand their knowledge and work experience.

5. Know the Services Offered by App Developer

This is also another important thing to consider before you outsource your mobile app development needs. You need to check out the services offered by different companies and choose the best according to your needs.
Resolve all your confusions and get answers for all your queries in order to have a clear idea about the services and benefits you will get.

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The project manager you need to choose must have excellent communication skills and experience. This will assist you to develop a friendly bong with your outsourcing partner.

6. The reputation of Your Outsourcing Partner

Another major factor that should be considered is the reputation and reliability of the organization. Their reputation in professionalism, business, and quality matter the most. You are relying on the operations and your business model with the company, so they need to earn your trust.

7. Quality of the Product

Developing a quality app depends on domain knowledge and expertise. If the team has no prior experience in the dedicated domain then check the versatility of other applications. Check the quality and their versatility in developing complex applications then trust them. It will help you to get complete outsourcing benefits.

8. Establish Significant Milestones

It is necessary to talk to the developer regarding the milestone of the project when you and your developer are on the same page. As of now, you can call attention to the specific task the should be done. The discussion regarding payment can be done.

9. Communication of the Team

Communication here is their understanding of your core idea not about the language expertise of the team. Maybe possible that the team might be well versed with the language but not able to visualize and grasp your idea then the final result might not be as needed. Clear it by wireframes creation in order to remove the gap between the need and outcome.

10. Check Several Versions of the Mobile Application

You need to check the versions of mobile application before beginning to download them. An expert app developer will like to offer you perfection in their developed applications. It can be difficult for you to find a suitable app developer but some factors and comparisons can assist you to select a professional developer. It is not advised to take faster decision while choosing app developers.

These are the top 10 factors should be considered by you before outsourcing your mobile app development needs.

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