Top 5 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) of 2019

Virtual Private Network is your voucher or stub to watching geographically
restricted content such as BBC iPlayer or Netflix while in other countries,
exceptional online security, and anonymous internet browsing. With a VPN, you
can undoubtedly unlock any content online without divulging your personal

only it works to your laptop, but it also applies to smart TVs, consoles,
tablets, smartphones, and so on. A Virtual Private Network will make you seem
like you are in a particular location. However, the truth is, you’re somewhere
else. Thus, ensuring privacy and concealing your identity.

As people desire to obtain more privacy, VPN, which performs that encryption, will be one of the many things people leverage to keep their online data secure and safe. There are a lot of VPNs to choose from which might provide a particular feature that you desire. For a little help, here’s a list of the top and most reliable Virtual Private Network Services of 2019. So, take a read!

1. ExpressVPN | $12.95pm 1 Year

VPN service is one of the most versatile VPN for unblocking, speed, and
privacy. It offers everything a VPN must do and at the same time conveying
those qualities in their best form. Thus, at least ninety countries are
surrounded with over 3000  servers all
over 160 locations, wherein you can appear to be using the internet from.

it is not only the physical whereabouts that are abundant; the application or
client works throughout multiple devices. It includes BlackBerry, Linux, Mac,
Windows, Android, iOS, or those routers leveraging domain name server
content-unblocking, allowing you to use it on your smart TV as well.

VPN service will unblock BBC iPlayer or Netflix all over the world. Also, it
can be used to pay for using Bitcoin anonymously. Furthermore, ExpressVPN
utilizes enterprise-level encryption, provides peer-to-peer file sharing, has a
kill switch, has a comprehensible no-logging policy, and utilizes DNS leak

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this VPN service appears to have it all. Aside from all of these, it provides
round-the-clock live chat customer support. Plus, it’s easily accessible. Thus,
whatever issues or problems you might be experiencing, you can attain quick

ExpressVPN offers a yearly plan for 12.95 dollars per month. However, it drops to 99.95 dollars per year if you pay it annually. Plus, it offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

2. NordVPN | $2.99pm 3 Year

VPN service offers security at its best. NordVPN provides one of the best
security features on any Virtual Private Network, double encryption. Meaning,
this VPN service can profess to have at least a high-quality, strong, intense,
and tough 2048-bit encryption that functions or operates on over 5300 servers
all over 60 countries.

than that, you are supported by robust DNS leak protection and two kill
switches. Additionally, you can pay anonymously via PayPal or Bitcoin. Greater
than security, NordVPN supports at least six devices at the same time as well
as proxy extensions. Thus, you can utilize it in Firefox and Chrome browsers.

The SmartPlay feature is ideal for unblocking any streaming services. Plus, it gets around geographic restrictions with ease. This service is offered at 2.99 dollars per month or a total of 107.55 dollars annually. However, it tends to be slow, and it does not block advertisement trackers.

3. IPVanish | $6.49pm 1 Year

VPN service is a torrenting gratification. So, if you are looking for a Virtual
Private Network to ensure all your torrenting demands are secured, then
IPVanish is an excellent option for you.

company monitors and owns its own servers for superior security. Plus, they
have at least 40,000 shared Internet Protocols in over 60 countries. With
IPVanish, you get unlimited peer-to-peer traffic throughout ten concurrent
connections at the same time. It’s undoubtedly useful because it works on Fire
TV, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

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there is plenty of this VPN service to go around. Although IPVanish is
excellent for high-speed torrenting, it unblocks BBC iPlayer or Netflix as
well. Also, round-the-clock customer support is a magnificent addition.

This VPN service offers a seven-day money-back guarantee. The plan starts at 6.49 dollars per month or a total of 77.99 dollars annually.

4. CyberGhost | $5.99pm 1 Year

VPN service is excellent for people who want a superb client that’s easy to use
yet offers intricate features as well. CyberGhost is supported by 3700 servers
in all over 50 countries. Additionally, it works on Mac, Windows, Android, and

CyberGhost has dedicated tools for unblocking streaming content. Thus, making geographic content easy to access. Furthermore, you get to benefit from advertisement blocking, nasty site blocking, auto HTTPS redirection, and data compression.

5. ProtonVPN | $4pm 1 Year

This VPN service is becoming a popular option in the Virtual Private Network space. ProtonVPN provides a free plan with restricted access. However, the paid plans are, for the most part, competitive and affordable. The plan kicks off at 4 dollars per month.

To Conclude

Needless to say, the most common way of securing and safeguarding yourself online is through a VPN. Virtual Private Network services enable you to securely send info when using public networks through faraway servers and a group of networked computers. However, keep in mind that not all Virtual Private Network services are the same. Take the time to read the top VPN services of 2019 in this article. For improved security, use a password manager to keep your accounts safe. Read Security Baron’s top password manager comparisons to sort through the best password managers available.

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