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Despite COVID19 closing numerous businesses, especially those engaged in the mortar-and-brick setup, it also provided spurred opportunities for ecommerce brands. Platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have seen dramatic surges in online demand. 

So while many of the world’s billionaires saw massive declines in their fortunes, the likes of Jeff Bezos saw spikes in growth.

With the new normal, the ecommerce spikes will continue. Thus, it’s ever more inviting to join this lucrative industry. But it’s not that easy given the fierce competition in almost all niches. So if you’re planning to open an ecommerce store, here are timely tips you should know.

1. Product details should be optimized for search results

Amazon presently sells more than 12 million items across various industries. Before buying, customers would have to find, search, and compare all these items for the best option.

To make the search simple, Amazon lets customers continually drill down their first searches by incorporating various item attributes. Some buyers also type in particular information such as “KY Battery Holder for Vivo LCD 4 Inc.” In that way, customers can have filtered results when searching for the item they wish to buy.

To match the buyer’s search for your products, Amazon refers to your product details and information. That leads to the importance of inputting accurate information about your product so that Amazon can match it precisely as it should be.

Accuracy likewise applies to search terms, title, product identifies, color, size, and other relevant parameters. Customers also love accurate details because that’s how they find the product that is the best fit for their criteria. 

It takes an added dose of time and resource, however, to effectively manage the product information. So to make it easier, you can make use of tools such as Product Information Management. Tools like that are even more important when selling on various channels.

2. Gear for Competitive Pricing

While customers search for the best products, they also consider those with the lowest pricing. That is why you should always be updated with your competitors’ latest pricing and familiarize yourself with how to achieve a competitive price best.

For sellers with common items, it’s imperative to do intensive research on the value of items like yours. Take note. Amazon prefers ranking quality items with the lowest possible price. 

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To match Amazon’s lowest prices on your products, consider using Amazon’s Match Low Price feature to set competitive prices based on your calculated preferences.

3. Use High-Quality Product Images

In many cases, customers are drawn by a product’s image before they go over the title and the description. It’s crucial for them to physically see the item they wish to buy to ensure authenticity and quality. Experts recommend sellers to make use of fresh and multiple photos to showcase the products they’re selling. Take note. Tainted photos with obvious pixels no longer appear, so do away with such.

The latest study has shown that using professional photos fosters trust with customers and sustains their interest. For them, professionalism speaks when a seller makes use of high-quality photos.

Amazon has guidelines for photos so make sure to check out on these. There, you’ll find a specific image size and quality needed. You might also consider learning about photography’s best practices to shoot the best photos.

4. Aim for the Buy Box

Every Amazon seller gears for the coveted Buy Box, which is the box on an item’s information page, which buyers can click to commence the purchase directly to their shopping cart. The ultimate perk for those who win it is a surge in sales. For many sellers with common products, winning the Buy Box is critical for a good start and sustained profitability. 

No one, however, knows the exact formula on how to win the Buy Box since it’s a top-secret of the Amazon algorithm. But general studies and empirical experiences reveal that seller ratings, low price, fulfillment options, inventory availability, and positive customer reviews are among the influencing factors.

Here is a unique tip for you. Try creating an exclusive item bundle (like four related coffee products) to appeal to Amazon’s favor.

5. Treat it as a Serious Business

Launching your Amazon store is not enough, and it’s not going to operate like a robot while you sleep. So if you’re hoping to generate increased sales, you should devote time and effort in continually monitoring your store’s performance. In that way, you can identify the gaps that need interventions.

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Make sure to continually assess the sales of your store – if these are increasing or decreasing. Don’t forget to consider the seller rating and return rate and identify the core issue and influencing factors.

6. Leverage Amazon’s Fulfillment Method

Selling in Amazon or any other online platform entails accurate and fast fulfillment. Even customers demand efficient delivery and any store that does not satisfy that is more likely to fail. That is why fulfillment is a prime challenge among sellers, especially for those who are just starting out.

Although sellers can create their fulfilling process, many prefer using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). With FBA, you can let go of the hustles and bustles of personal fulfillment. FBA, however, is not a thing for everybody, especially that it comes with expensive fees that may not be promising for startups. Add to that the Amazon referral fees that take out money from your allocation.

7. Stick with the Rules of Amazon

You’re in Amazon, so it makes sense to play by their rules, regardless of your background and upbringing. Amazon is continually implementing guidelines to ensure the best customer experience. So every policy they apply is geared to also improving how sellers perform. 

Take note. Amazon is a massive platform with robust systems and features. You cannot just twist things within and try taking advantage of Amazon. It’s smarter than you think. 

Once it detects your store is not compliant with the rules, it will either penalize or suspend your store.

8. Aspire to provide the best customer service

Customer service is of paramount importance in online selling and Amazon gears to offer the best of that. It’s one of the most ideal tactics to build trust and long-time engagement with customers.

Merely responding to every customer query can go a long way in building a reliable customer service reputation. They are the ones who drive money to your website, so it just makes utter sense to put their needs first.


Patrick Panuncillon is a digital marketing expert who has been helping Amazon online sellers boost their conversions and sales.


Improve your conversions and sales in Amazon with these top powerful tips. Apply them consistently and see impressive results.

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