Top Online File Converters

Top Online File Converters

Top Online File Converters:

Converting a video or any other format’s file to another format is not the most common and conventional of the tasks to be performed on a computer. Let’s say that few people need to do this at some point in life, and even fewer are those who always do it.

However, when you need to convert a video, it is not always a simple task to find a program that is easy to use and effective. This is because the options are varied and can be broader to the more specific. So, we have listed here some file converter tools that stand out in this genre.


In all, Any Video Converter supports over 100 input formats and can transform your video to up to 106 other formats. The developers guarantee that it is up to 30% faster than the main competitors, as well as being able to do any type of conversion without affecting the quality of the video. This application is one of the most popular and highly regarded of its kind.


If you are looking for one best site that supports almost all types of formats for conversion, we recommend using online One of the best things about this tool is that it allows conversion to uncountable formats such as mp4, mp3, zip, XML, Mobi, lit, PNG, jpeg, and lot more. Undoubtedly, this site is a powerful and versatile online converter in a true sense!

3. WinAVI Video Converter:

Converting videos and turning the contents of your DVDs into files are resources that go together, practically. Therefore, WinAVI Video Converter is a basic option, but with everything you need to do well with the conversion. The application brings a modern and intuitive look and leaves everything with high quality of sound and video.


This is another popular free converter site. This is the solution that allows you to convert any text, image, video, or audio format to another of the same type. 

Once the desired option and the parameters of the change have been selected, the file is loaded from the device or from a storage platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and the process is carried out. Includes useful information related to each of the formats.

5. Zamzar:

In the case of Zamzar, you have the possibility to upload up to 100 MB for free and without registration. If you register, the fee goes up to 200 MB or 400 MB, depending on whether the account is Basic or Pro. 

As in previous online file converter tools, it is compatible with image, sound, document, video, and compressed file formats, among others. When the conversion is complete, you will receive the download link in the email account that you have previously configured.


This is another popular online file convert site. Without the need to install any software, this online converter transforms any audio file into one of the 150 available types. 

For this, it is only necessary to import it to your platform from the hard disk or YouTube, select the format and choose its quality. It allows us to carry out the process in batch.

7. Online-audio-converter:

Free online audio file converter that supports up to 300 formats. With an intuitive interface, it supports uploading files hosted on any device, the Internet, or on the various active storage platforms. 

For the final result, it allows you to adjust the quality, bit rate, frequency, and channels of the audio, as well as increase the volume or even suppress the voice. It also gives the option to extract the audio from a video.

8. CloudConvert:

With support for more than 130 different formats, CloudConvert is one of the latest online file converter tools. It is in the beta phase, although its operation is impeccable. 

You can choose between one or more files on your hard drive or host on Dropbox or Google Drive. By converting them, you have the ability to automatically send them by email or to your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, without having to wait for the conversion to finish. 

Another detail in its favor is that it is compatible with mobile browsers, so you can convert files from your smartphone without problems and directly in the cloud. Among the supported formats, you will find videos, e-books, images, documents, CAD files, and songs.

9. DocsPal:

DocsPal offers two functions: an online converter and a file viewer. In the case of conversion, it allows uploading the file or adding the URL. The next step is to choose the original format and the conversion format and to finish, click on “Convert” or check the “Send a download link to my email address” option to receive the download link of the file when it is converted. 

That way you will not have to wait, although the process file converter is usually relatively quick. It is also in the beta phase, but its quality is very good.

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