Twitter Tests Out Its Own Take on Stories With Fleets: MoreVisibility

Twitter Tests Out Its Own Take on Stories With Fleets: MoreVisibility

Serina Fignole – March 9, 2020

Twitter has launched a test of it latest feature called Fleets, which are temporary tweets that disappear after 24 hours. Twitter is one of the last major social platforms to test out a Stories format. This concept was first popularized by Snapchat however, you can now find a version of Stories across Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and others.

Unlike Tweets, Twitter’s new Fleets can’t receive Likes, Replies or Retweets. However, much like Instagram’s Stories feature…

  • Fleets appear at the top of users’ home page
  • Users can only react to or send the person who posted content a direct message
  • Fleets are based primarily on text, but videos, GIFs and photos can be added

In addition, Fleets won’t circulate Twitter’s network, show up in Search or Moments, and can’t be embedded on an external website, like Instagram’s Stories.

At launch, users were only able to post videos up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds in length (or 512MB), while some whitelisted publishers were able to publish videos up to 10 minutes. Twitter is giving the feature a trial run currently in Brazil only and based on these results, Fleets could become available for the rest of the platform’s users in the later-half of 2020.

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