Updated platform improves security at the edge

Edge security

As mobile and cloud computing use increases it creates security, performance, quality and cost issues for organizations.

Akamai is launching enhancements to its Intelligent Edge Platform which will enable businesses to address security, media delivery, and web performance challenges by utilizing distributed workloads and intelligence closest to the digital touchpoint where the user interacts with data and applications.

Updates include a new bot intelligence console for Akamai’s Bot Manager that aggregates data from across Akamai’s customer base to provide greater context, letting users benchmark their bot traffic against other customers as well as the platform as a whole.

Enhancements to Enterprise Application Access (EAA) enable continuous verification of authorized enterprise resource access, key to a zero trust security framework. This is based on various signals sent and collected by the global Akamai platform and the billions of devices and users connected to it.

IT and security teams can also tune and keep WAF protections up to date with less time and overhead. Akamai continuously updates WAF rules in Kona Site Defender to protect against the latest threats, this means customers can easily see how new and updated rules will impact their organizations before publishing the rule.

Plus there’s a set of platform enhancements to address content piracy, which continues to grow as a major security challenge for media and entertainment streaming companies. Scalable forensic watermarking support, pre-integrated with leading third-party providers, uses the edge to provide a more effective way to trace piracy back to the source. In addition, a new edge-based Access Revocation API is designed to allow content providers to shut down pirated streams in near real-time.

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“Akamai customers recognize the increasingly important role that the edge can play in improving the experience of employees and consumers as they use web and cloud-based applications,” says Ari Weil, vice president of product marketing at Akamai. “Security stands out among the many computing needs bolstered by edge functionality. Edge-based security responds to threats in real-time, enables secure, perimeter-less environments, and captures insight close to the end user.”

You can find out more on the Akamai site.

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