Using BeSci and Machine Learning To Significantly Improve Advertising Effectiveness

Using BeSci and Machine Learning To Significantly Improve Advertising Effectiveness


Editor’s Note: Insights That Work is a showcase of how the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers create solutions to some of the biggest challenges in insights today. This year’s edition provides case studies on brands like Nestle, Shell, Frito-Lay, and more.


Byron Sharp discovered that most people use only one bank in their lifetime, so building a bank brand with younger consumers is key.

Lucy, a top 10 global bank’s Insights Director, was on the verge of promotion and knew if she could introduce an innovative new solution with BIG impact, it would help.

Lucy consulted five firms from the GRIT Report and hired Hotspex.


1. Career Building:

Hotspex’s social media showed its diverse global staff celebrating a wide range of employee and client successes. Lucy liked that their blog highlighted how insights leaders can better build their brands and careers.

2. Award-Winning BeSci Brand Building Framework:

Hotspex’s team of cognitive and social psychology PhDs (including Dr. Dan Young a 20-year P&G veteran) built the Hotspex Map of Human Motivation which has helped over 2,000 brands across 42 countries accelerate brand growth. Lucy requested a free emotional map of her brand from their website, which she shared with her key stakeholders to generate buy-in.

3. Award-Winning Media Technology that improves media ROI by 5-15%:

Hotspex’s award-winning Cognitive Media Targeting combines Hotspex Implicit and Google Machine Learning to significantly improve advertising impact by placing ads around contextually relevant content on digital and TV.


Lucy’s Digital Campaign Impact:

  • Awareness +135%
  • Ad recall +118%
  • Program search volume +849%
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Google said it was “the best performing campaign in this office ever” and it won a prestigious industry award.

Most importantly, the project contributed to three promotions, including Lucy’s.

Hotspex has since been invited to deliver Brand Building keynote talks to thousands of bank employees and has become their brand-building partner of choice.

The Hotspex Map ensures that every single touchpoint aligns with the brand purpose building right memory structures, mental availability, and profit.

Lastly, we customized a media targeting package that combined both brand safety and “brand opportunity” considerations.

Lucy was amazed to see these campaign results:

  • Awareness rose among the core target by +135%;
  • Ad recall lifts among the core target of +118%
  • Key product & program searches increased by +849%

These results were widely celebrated at the bank and because of its impact on an important strategic initiative and the deployment of a new tool, the campaign contributed to the promotions of three people, including Lucy.

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