Video SEO: 5 YouTube SEO Tactics to Improve Your Keyword Ranking

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Nowadays, most of the people prefer watching videos over written content to educate themselves and also to entertain themselves during their leisure time. Hence, to satiate their needs, many educators and entertainers have switched to video platforms like YouTube to curate new content. Not all videos reach their targeted audience no matter how good they are. The main issue behind this is a lack of implementing video SEO strategies that can attract the targeted audience.

If you are looking for proven ways that will help you improve your keyword ranking in terms of YouTube platform, then we have jotted down a list of video SEO strategies that will help you attain the desired results.

1. Add Real Value

If you are intending to share something informative with your audience, try and research if it is effective and if it will help the audience with respect to implementing that information shared by you.

If the content shared by you is old and repetitive, it may not attract visitors at all. They might just bounce out of your channel for sharing something irrelevant. Hence, conduct proper research on the topic before sharing video content on your channel.

2. Create Content That Helps Increase Interaction

The best video SEO strategy adopted by popular YouTube creators is to create content that allows them to interact effectively with visitors. They make it so effective that people are compelled to comment on and share the videos. At times, creators share contest giveaways wherein the viewers participate in the contest and get selected as per the guidelines shared by the creators.

3.Optimize Video Content with Keywords

Adding relevant keywords to the video may also result in an increased number of searches. If you happen to add keywords to your video description, you may reach your target audience who are trying to search for informative videos that are relevant to their requirements.

4.Create a Good Quality Thumbnail

Every viewer gets attracted to the video after watching the video thumbnail. Make sure that you add a catchy thumbnail to the video so that viewers are interested to watch the same. If you do not generate clickable thumbnails, then no matter how good your videos seem to be, the audience will never watch it. Hence, pick a thumbnail that reflects what your video talks about.

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5.Attract Viewers across the Countries with Video Transcripts

For the uninitiated, a video transcript is actually a written draft of the video content. It is considered to be useful for those who may not be well versed with the native regional languages but can still follow your message by reading the transcript that is added below. With video transcript, you can add relevant keywords that will help the search engines find out about your video content and promote it accordingly.

You can add the transcript either to the description box below the video or else you can embed it in the video, which appears in the lower portion of the video. This ultimately helps the search engine platforms to find your content and learn informative details of your video.

Last but not least do not forget to add a high-quality video that is not only informative but also relevant to the audience who are viewing it. Any video content that is deemed to be shareable is not only unique but also creative and useful. This compels the audience to share it across their social media handles and indirectly promote your video. Whenever you are creating videos, besides doing video SEO, link your social media pages to the video description. This will help you increase your interaction with a wider audience and also receive honest feedback from them. If you have not used these tactics yet, use them right away and let us know the performance of the videos uploaded by you.

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