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HUDSON VALLEY, N.Y. – Consumer behavior has changed significantly in recent years. Our buying decisions are based on the opinions of strangers, which explains the success of such websites as Yelp, Angie’s List and Glassdoor.

Testimonials from satisfied customers, marketing experts say, are one of the best ways to build trust. And while written testimonials are good, video testimonials are a game-changer.

Ninety-seven percent of people search the internet before making buying decisions and online written reviews are effective in helping accelerate this decision-making process, but written reviews have problems. First, they can be easily faked. Research shows that 79 percent of consumers have read a fake review in the past year and 84 percent don’t even know how to spot them. Even if a written testimonial is legitimate, people remain suspicious. Second, people make buying decisions based more on emotion than logic. When it comes to eliciting emotions, nothing beats video. That is why client video testimonials have become an important part of the marketing strategy of many businesses.

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That’s where Video SEO Pro comes in. Founded five years ago by Somers resident David Vogel, Video SEO Pro has launched its next greatest innovation: Remote video. Combining cutting-edge technology and professional production values they are able to create video testimonials of your company’s happy customers remotely using a solution that is fast, easy and affordable. 

Vogel has spent over 20 years in feature films and TV commercials working in both Hollywood and New York City and understands the impact that video wields. He launched Video SEO Pro with former colleague, Neco Turkienicz, a professional with over 25 years of experience directing documentaries, broadcast TV and commercials.

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Over the past five years, the company has expanded its services beyond video search engine optimization and professional video production to YouTube advertising, video consulting, video training and video assessments. Now a video marketing agency, they help companies develop strategies to best leverage video to grow their business.

“I always had an entrepreneurial side and wanted to use my talents to have an impact on local business and help find their own success,” Vogel said.

“People don’t read as much today—they want instant information, which is why video is the perfect marketing medium” added Turkienicz.

The remote testimonials that Video SEO Pro created have effectively helped their clients to close sales more quickly—and they solve two main challenges related to creating video client testimonials. First, quality: If a business asks a client to create their own, it doesn’t cost anything—but most clients never get around to actually doing it, and if they do, the video is shot poorly and sounds horrible. More importantly, the content tends to be vague and ineffective in communicating the value they received from hiring your business.  Second, cost and hassle: if you hire a professional, it will be costly and require a significant time commitment from your client.

That’s why business owners turn to Video SEO Pro for help. The company uses its interviewing expertise and over 50 years of combined video production experience to interview clients remotely in 15 minutes or less to produce a professional quality minute-and-a-half video testimonial. They use their own mobile app that allows them to record high-quality video content remotely without the need of a video crew. That has allowed them to drop the cost of a testimonial down to a fraction of a typical professional client video testimonial.

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Vogel notes that just two weeks after a client received her video testimonials, she was able to close three pieces of new business worth more than $200,000 directly because of the videos.

“She said it was the best investment she ever made,” Vogel said. “That’s a 13,000 percent ROI in just in two weeks. She continues to use those videos on an ongoing basis to close additional business.

“If there is a business out there looking to close more business and do it faster, this is the way to do it,” Vogel added. “The great thing about our video testimonials is they can be done anywhere at any time—at home or the office in 15 minutes or less and they cost just a few hundred dollars.”

Vogel notes that Video SEO Pro uses their remote video technology with other companies to create educational video, video blogs, and “how-to” videos.

“Our technology gives businesses access to video professionals without the expense of hiring a video crew”, he said.  

Remote video testimonials give businesses an effective tool to close more business and do it faster. It provides much-needed credibility to the sales conversation and builds trust. And now, businesses can turn to a company that is well-versed in video testimonials.

For more information on remote video testimonials, contact David Vogel at Video SEO Pro at 914-920-2391 or visit the website at

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