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Nowadays, having a website is crucial to business growth. Consumers routinely rely on the internet to purchase products and services in the marketplace. Thus, a website is the best place to represent a business.

However, merely building a website isn’t sufficient. A website should be visible on the top page of various search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing to boost the visibility of the business. Since search engine optimization (SEO) may either make or break a business, choosing the best web hosting company is important, as it will determine the overall consistency of your website and your online success.

Sure, there are dozens of web hosting companies out there, but you should choose the one that is highly reviewed and has a proven reliable record when it comes to web hosting. is a reputable online platform that offers world-class web hosting. It has been the go-to company of small to large businesses for web hosting solutions. The company aims to provide business owners with the connectivity and resources needed to make their business websites accessible to their consumers.

Aside from online businesses, also provides excellent hosting solutions to bloggers and for individuals who just wish to manage their own websites. What makes the best among other web hosting companies is that it keeps all its tools up to date to provide businesses the highest quality of web hosting. understands that every website differs when it comes to its specific needs. It also knows that a website must be SEO-ready to gain the business a competitive advantage over its competitors and increase its chances to rank higher.

SEO plays an important role in maintaining a website, especially in today’s competitive market, because of the following reasons:

  • It helps maintain a smooth running website.
  • It helps increase search engine traffic.
  • It puts businesses ahead of the competition. An optimized website is more likely to attract more customers and make more sales.
  • More than 65% of search engine users are more likely to click on the top 5 suggestions on search engine result pages (SERPs). To gain an advantage, businesses should appear in one of the top positions.
  • Visitors who find a website through search engines are likely to promote it on social media platforms.
  • It boosts the business’s credibility. 

A lot of things can affect a website’s ranking, including its web hosting company. See how can help improve businesses’ search engine rankings.

  • Uptime – Uptime refers to the percentage of time that a website is up and running. If a website is frequently unavailable and crashing, crawling can be difficult and the website can be labeled as unreliable, thus affecting its ranking. guarantees 99.99% uptime performance and ensures that all websites it handles have little to no downtime as possible.
  • Speed – A website’s load speed can greatly affect its ranking on search engines. If a website takes time to load, chances are, potential customers will move on to other websites. has built a reputation for delivering fast and quality speeds on every website it handles.
  • Server location – Not everyone is aware of this, but search engines also evaluate the location of a website to determine its place in the rankings. For example, if a consumer searching for products is based in the UK, it is more likely that the search engines will display sites that are based in the UK. The downside is that a website will rank lower on search results when consumers search for the same keywords from other countries. can provide businesses a server location that is closer to the target audience; this is expected to improve a website’s local search engine rankings.
  • Website security – Security breaches are crucial to online businesses. makes use of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to encrypt the connection between users and the server. Doing so allows the secure exchange of personal information. Search engines acknowledge websites with SSL certificates. Therefore, in addition to assuring business owners of their websites’ security, having an SSL certificate helps improve their search engine rankings.

Running an online business requires a lot of patience and more resources, and this includes improving your SEO features. If you want to boost your website’s credibility, earn more traffic, and be on top of the SERPs, choose the only trusted and reliable web hosting company,

Are you still wondering about how you can improve your business’s search engine ranking? Let help you with that. Get the complete list of its services at For further inquiries and clarifications, send an email to [email protected].

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