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Just days
after Vrbo changed the pronunciation of its name to the way many already perceived it, the company — a HomeAway division of Expedia Group — launched a new advertising campaign and new feature
reflecting the nickname that consumers gave it years ago.

The television campaign — which includes search engine optimization, paid-search and retargeting ad campaigns —  pays tribute
to the company’s roots by matching families and groups of friends with their ideal vacation homes. The site offers information on more than two million unique properties worldwide across its
online marketplace.

Thousands of travelers search the site daily. Now there are new features too, such as Pinterest-like boards.

The mobile and desktop tool, called Trip Boards, allows
travelers to create custom boards with their favorite properties by saving them in one place. Users can share Trip Boards with friends and family, who can vote, comment and help to choose the perfect
place to stay together.



For example, they can vote to stay at a summer beach getaway or a place to hold an annual family retreat. And a new app push-notification allows users to stay up to date on Trip Board activity in real-time.

The site has offered
a Ranking Metrics page, which is designed to help those listing their properties make more informed decisions about the

The data provides insights on the listing’s performance within a specific market, which is the location most often searched by travelers to find and book a property. Those listing
properties can impact the search position by focusing on where to improve the listing’s market ranking in each of the Ranking Metrics, according to Vrbo.

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The push to rebrand Vrbo began on March 27, when the company introduced a new logo. The new advertising
campaign comes complete with quirky visuals and rollicking choreography set to an iconic Broadway tune.

Todd Strauss-Schulson from Prettybird, who is director of “Isn’t It Romantic,” created Vrbo’s campaign — which depicts three groups of families and friends being matched with
vacation homes that fulfill their unique needs.

The 30-second spot highlights Vrbo’s new
pronunciation, VER-bow, with the opening line “Ver-bow or Ver-bow I must get away.”

The ad, which currently runs online, will begin airing April 15 on a mix of national networks and
category-specific cable networks, like HGTV, Travel Channel and TLC.

The commercial is scheduled to appear during “Good Morning America,” “Today Show” and “Saturday Night Live,” as well as
home, family and travel-related programs, such as “Fixer Upper,” “Property Brothers” and “Bizarre Foods.”

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