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Are you looking for new and exciting ways to create content for your audience, while also growing your brand in the process? Of course, you are! With more than a billion active websites on the internet today, it’s now more important than ever to create better content than the competition and also to provide your audience with the best value possible.

With all of this in mind, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of expert roundups. The concept of expert roundups is quite simple, yet also quite detailed and time-consuming in the setup and creation process.

The first thing you need to do is come up with a question that your audience will likely be interested in. Next, you need to reach out to industry experts who can answer the question. After receiving a decent amount of answers, you then combine all of the responses and create a mega expert roundup article to go live on your site.

The benefit of this type of content is two-fold. Your audience will find great value in the recommendations and content from the experts, and you will also have several thousand-word articles posted on your site. On the flip side, each of the experts you interview will bring authority, value, and traffic back to your site; they will benefit from the roundup as well by getting free exposure and a usually a backlink to their site or social profile. Don’t forget to send an email letting them know when the article has gone live.

Now that you have an idea of how expert roundups work and how effective they can be, let’s take a look at three working examples of how big brands have used expert roundups to increase brand authority. Roundup of best rewards credit cards

In the world of business and finance, it’s tough to find a more competitive area than credit cards and personal finance. At the same time, how many times can you simply write about the same thing over and over again? As mentioned earlier, there are over a billion active sites on the internet today, so it’s likely whatever you are going to write about has already been covered time and time again.

In an effort to create better content for their audience while also building their brand in the process, created an expert roundup of reward cards tips from the pros: 98 finance and industry experts provided input on the best rewards credit cards, and what to look for when signing up to one.

With rewards credit cards on the minds of consumers combined with the complexity of trying to pick the right credit card, this is a great resource for any audience—especially those who are already in the credit card searching process. At the same time, the collection of resources and answers from real people relates much better to an audience than just reading what a website or brand might be telling an audience to do.

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When you’re choosing a question for a roundup, it’s important to make sure that it’s relevant to not only what your audience wants to know, but also to what your business provides as a service.

This is something does quite well. With their business model of logo design in mind, they asked 45 different branding and marketing experts to share the story behind their brand and logo design and how they ended up creating their logos. The end result was a collection of personal stories that any brand marketer or business owner would enjoy reading.

Answers provided by experts not only provided value to the audience, but also gave readers new ideas on how to come up with a brand or logo for their personal brand or business. Again, with the content and feedback coming from a wide range of experts, this types of content comes off much better to an audience versus just reading basic information and content on a site.

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