Elon Musk SpaceX Starship Update
Elon Musk is just minutes away from an important SpaceX Starship update live from Boca Chica, Texas where thousands of space reporters, technical writers, bloggers and fans have gathered. He’ll be revealing plans for this shiny heavy-lift “Starship” rockets, with grand plans to open up the solar system for exploration. Several prototypes of the Starship’s upper stage, intended to eventually carry payloads and passengers, are under construction near the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and on the south Texas coast near Brownsville, the latter of which this presentation is taking place tonight. Read more for the stream.

If you drive to the desolate site along a two-lane road, you’ll be able to catch a breathtaking view of the prototype Starship from more than eight miles away as its stainless-steel skin reflects the sunlight. Security is extremely tight, but the guards will tolerate those who decide to pull over to the shoulder for snapshots of the rocket. These prototypes do not containn the life support and control systems that would be needed by an operational rocket intended to carry astronauts.