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A customer turns to a professional interior designer when the renovation of an existing home or the interior designing of a new abode is a complex task requiring professional help. A trained professional can create attractive and space saving layouts, recommend interior décor solutions that suit the customer’s personality and his family’s needs. These will include what flooring is suitable for the space and what kind of furniture best complements the home and the family’s lifestyle, the most appropriate colour schemes, and the choicest accessories and artworks that add the cherry on the icing of your interior decor. All this involves creativity, a trained eye and experience. For a home to come together harmoniously, every element needs to be combined with a creative vision in a balanced manner. A professional designer will provide you with imaginative interior designing ideas that transform your home into an environment that you will cherish forever.

With his / her established connections with vendors, contractors, stores and manufacturers, the interior designer can get you good deals and discounts. Some designers offer turn-key solutions so you don’t have to run around to get the work done by several firms. So hiring an interior designer has plenty of advantages. But how do you choose the best and most suitable interior designer for your project? It is imperative to understand a few factors before setting out.

Do your research well

While there are some well known names that you keep hearing about or reading in the magazines, there are many other talented interior designers both upcoming and established who are doing a lot of great work quietly. So you may ask around in your friends’ or colleague’s circle for some names. List out a few names and browse through magazines, print and online both, professional platforms, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook checking out the designers you have heard about and their work for example If somebody wants an interior to be done in Gurgaon just search for best interior designers in Gurgaon and list some names down. Going through the portfolio also gives you a peek into the designer’s creative flair. Understand the kind of projects they do and the budgets they work on so that you have an idea whether they are a good fit for you or not.

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Check credentials

Once you have drawn up a list, check them out for credentials. Whether word of mouth or through reviews or testimonials, you get an idea about the kind of reputation and trust a designer enjoys in the field. As you narrow down your list, you could even talk to previous customers to find out first hand their experience working with the designer.

If a designer you like is based out of another city, that should not be a problem. Today, many designers offer services pan-India and are equipped with a good network of vendors and partners and a huge team that they can rely on to carry out their projects efficiently.

Shared sensibilities

 Before finally selecting, you should look for the one whose sensibilities seem to match with yours. Designers who are caught up in a time warp churning out the same old design, may not work for you. Go for the one who is up-to-date with the latest in design world. Also check if they do the kind of work you’re looking for. Intuitive designers can evaluate your sensibilities and requirements accurately to offer the most appropriate solutions.

Understand your style

Before you hire an interior designer, go over your own style preferences and get a grip on what you want your house to look like. If you can’t articulate your ideas to the designer, you can always show him/her inspiration pictures of interiors that you absolutely love. This will help your designer to understand what you have on your mind. When you approach the designer, their response to your ideas will help you make up your mind.

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Early engagement

Once you have selected an interior designer, engaging them early on at the construction level is a good idea, as they can collaborate with the architect and builder to get the necessary changes made right at the start to achieve a perfectly custom created home. For example, they can choose the right flooring, wall finishes, etc, so that you don’t need to work on these all over again. If any structural changes are required, those can be achieved at this stage, rather than breaking down later to make alterations.

Fix your design plan, budget & timeline

Before starting the work, get a hold on the design plan, budget and timelines. In fact these should be your guiding principals before signing on with an interior designer. Whoever you can trust the best with this, you should go with them.

Ask for periodic updates

How much time are you willing to spend following up on the ongoing work? You should be able to communicate easily with the designer and tell them how much involvement from your end is possible. If you can’t afford to spend much time, you should let your interior designer know that and ask for periodic updates sent to you. Any change of plans should be duly brought to your notice without leaving any room for surprises.

With a fool-proof agreement to this effect, you can take up a smooth renovation / interior designing project with your interior designer.


Do all your research, and be sure of the credentials of the interior designer before you hire. Hold a meeting with them to communicate all your ideas and anxieties before selecting. And sign on a proper agreement regarding the design plan, budget and timeline before starting work. An intuitive designer, warm and patient enough to hear out all your requirements and expectations, to offer valuable inputs and insights to make your home a beautiful and comfortable haven, is the right one for you.

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