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Not the pizza chain.

The game.

Imagine each “P” word below being a domino, knocking the other “P” words down in this exact order.

Successful bloggers follow 4 “P”‘s to become successful.

If you want to succeed you better do the same.


I am so freaking passionate about blogging it bleeds out of my pores.

Most bloggers are super stoked about writing their 3rd, 5th or 10th guest post. I salute said bloggers. Awesome!

I have written and published 545 guest posts on Blogging Tips alone.

That’s passion.

I have written and published well over 1000 guest posts during my blogging career.

Being passionate about blogging and your niche fuels you to practice, patiently and persistently.


Every day I practice writing thousands of words.

Sometimes online. Sometimes offline. But I practice writing no matter what.

Toss in video creation practice, networking practice and my practice in other disciplines and you betcha I succeeded by giving my life to my craft.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. If you give most of your attention and energy to practicing some skill you will become highly skilled and successful in that discipline.

Most NBA fans know Kyrie Irving to be an insanely skilled basketball player, being a wizard with the ball, making ridiculous shots and putting on a dribbling clinic every game. But I saw him years before he became world famous, as a 17 year old in Northern New Jersey, practicing basketball like crazy, for hours on end, his coaches marveling at his work ethic.

If writing or blogging seems easy for me I just practiced writing millions of words. The process is simple but highly uncomfortable at times. I just committed to the process. That’s all.

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Being passionate about blogging makes you patient. The work is the reward. Money is extra.

Since I love blogging I patiently practice, create helpful content, build strong bonds and care little about outcomes like money and traffic, which are bonuses to me.

Most bloggers never become successful because they have the patience of a 2 year old in a house of mirrors. No passion, no practice, no patience, failure.

Successful bloggers patiently and passionately practice, help folks and give little energy to anything save service, seeing the journey through with…..


The final step to succeed with blogging; be eternally persistent.


This is the difference maker since persistent bloggers shine brightly over the long haul while other stars fade quickly.

You can do a 30 day challenge. I am on a 10 year challenge.

Move away from short time frame blogging bursts; like a moth getting too close to a flame, you’ll burn up or burn out, quickly.

Be in blogging for the long haul. Patiently and persistently follow your passion by practicing your skills. Be persistent by falling more deeply in love with your craft every single day.

I am as excited to write guest post 540 or whatever the number is today than I was to write guest post #1 on Blogging Tips years ago. Passion. Right there. The first domino.

You need to go in the right order for the Domino Effect to occur. Bloggers foolishly skip to practice and burn out. No passion. Why would you commit to practicing some skill if the skill did not feel enjoyable to practice? Other silly bloggers focus on trying to be patient, but have no passion for their craft nor have they practiced a skill to gain confidence and clarity in their blogging skills. How can you be patient if you are unskilled and passion-less?

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Don’t get me started on persistence; no way in heck can you be persistent if you lack passion, lack skills because you never practice, and lack patience for your blogging craft.

Line up da P’s to be a successful blogger.

While you practice your blogging skills you may as well drive blog traffic through these 10 methods.

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