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There are billions of searches done on Google every single day. Yet, the study shows that 91% of the content gets no traffic from Google. So, the question arises on how to join the other 9% of the webpages and start getting free, consistent, and passive traffic from Google? The SEO tools help you to grow your traffic, research your competitors and dominate your niche. You can do SEO yourself, but you can also outsource the SEO part of your website to a reputable SEO company. CZ SEO is the best SEO company in Thailand.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or just it is simply how easy it is for Google and other search engines to find your website.

Apart from Google there are other search engines out there. You have bing, Yahoo, and Yandex, but still, 90% of the searches are done on google. That is why we focus more on google when we talk about search engines.

Search engines scour the web to find pages and index them in their catalog. See it this way, when you have a book, and at the end of that book, you have an index that tells you where everything was talked about and the location. That is pretty much google and their indexing system as well on the web in the cloud, so let us take a look at an example.

How Does it Work?

If you look at a typical search page with results, you can see some adds on the page. The box-like thing is known as the knowledge graph, and what it does is that it pulls the results that might be further down the page. Then below that are organic results. Usually, there about ten organic results on one page.

Organic listing means that their results are not paid at all. They show up on Google because they have done an excellent job of telling Google that this page is about a particular query.

Then you have a ‘People also ask’ area, which simply shows the related searches that people will do on this topic. Now, fewer than 10 percent of the people will click on the next page if they don’t find what they are looking for on the first page. If they are unable to find what they are looking for on page one, they will simply adjust their search criteria. And that is why Google also adds it in ‘people also ask’ area.

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Here is the main reason why SEO is so crucial for your website. The top three organic results get 70% of all the clicks. The first position gets the bulk of the clicks between 35% and 40%. The second one will get about 15% to 20%, and the third position will get around 10%. So, that is why it is essential to make sure your website is first on Google.

Relevant and Informative Content for SEO

Now, the question is, how does Google even determine what should go on the first page? The most significant factor is relevancy. Make sure that your website has everthing what the user is looking for when they are searching for Google.

Google uses different factors to determine what is relevant in their algorithms. There is no way that we are going to be able to cover all of those, but if we can focus on a few, then we have a fair chance to get seen in the search results.

In addition to relevance, you want to be able to make sure that your site is useful. It means when a user clicks your site, the data they are looking for is easily found. Think about what you usually do if you click on the page that does not have your answer. Do you keep looking for the information on the page until you find it? Or you simply go back and click on a different page? What most people would do is click on a different page to find their answer.

Make sure that your site is useful, and you have arranged the answers for the topic in a meaningful way so that it is easier for the reader to find what they are looking for.

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On-page and Off-page SEO

So, there are two primary ways that you can work on for SEO on your website. These are called on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO tells Google and the reader that there is everything that they are looking for on the page. This means that you have all the right keywords on your site. On-page SEO is easier to handle because most of the changes needed are within your control. For instance, if your website is about sports, then you want to make sure that your site has just the right keyword in the title. In the body, in the image descriptions and it also means that you have supporting keywords in it like sports, sports events, sports news, sports products, and everything related to the topic. So, if you have a website with some articles in it, you can discover ways to increase traffic just by a few tweaks in the content.

The off-page SEO makes sures that other websites have a link to your website and in SEO language they call it backlinks. Off-page SEO is a bit out of control because you want other people to believe that your website is trustworthy to get a link. But if you are writing good content and you have all the relevant content on your website then it shouldn’t be a problem.


As we go through this SEO process, don’t think it as a easy process because ranking of website on search engines takes time. But if done correctly, the results from your SEO efforts can last months or even years depending on the topic you are in.

What good it is if you have an excellent website or product, but it is not displayed on the first page of your customer’s search results. So, if you are a website owner and want to improve your online presence, reach out to your targeted audience, and increase profit. Make sure that your website ranks on the first page of the search results.

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