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The month of October brought new and updated functionalities for SEMrush tools, from a bulk analysis report in Traffic Analytics to an expansion of Market Explorer (with a special offer for those wanting to try it out).

Other notable news includes the return of the Target URL error filter in Backlink Reports, as well as updated capabilities to match Google’s new link attributes, improvements to our Site Audit tool, and the expansion of our Social Media Tracker that offers competitive intel on LinkedIn audiences. 

As always, we would appreciate any feedback that will help us continue improving our tools to best meet your needs.

Market Analysis

New Bulk Analysis Report in Traffic Analytics

We are pleased to present a new Traffic Analytics report – the Bulk Analysis Report.

Here are a few areas where running a Bulk Analysis can be beneficial to your marketing activity:

  • Affiliate Partnership Management – to assess the potential of prospective partners.
  • Content Creation and PR – to discover media platforms and predict the potential reach of their content.
  • Link Building and Media Outreach – to evaluate the actual traffic of multiple prospects and prioritize them accordingly.
  • Sales – to evaluate and score new leads and prospects.

Bulk Analysis is available for any subscription with the paid Traffic Analytics add-on. With full access to Traffic Analytics, you can filter by region and device, see historical data, and export data to a .csv file. Users without the paid Traffic Analytics add-on can compare up to 5 domains per day to test this excellent feature.

Compare your domain and competitors>>

Don’t confuse the new BulkTraffic Analysis Report with the Bulk Backlink Analysis. Bulk Backlink Analysis is another report we have:

  • New Bulk Analysis in Traffic Analytics analyzes domains in terms of traffic, with comparison by metrics such as Visits, Unique visitors, Pages per visit, Average visit duration, and Bounce rate.
  • Bulk Backlink Analysis analyzes domains in terms of backlinks, with comparison by metrics such as Authority score, Number of backlinks and domains, and Types of backlinks.

Market Explorer is Expanding

Market Explorer is our freshest tool to investigate new markets, learn industry trends, discover the competition, and gain audience insights.

It attracted a lot of user attention, so we worked to expand it and provide you with even more accurate and relevant data:

1. Two Distinct Market Views in Market Explorer 

We created two different market views in both tabs of Market Explorer: All Market and Narrow Focus.

  • The “All Market” view shows you data based on market-relevant sites that are similar to your domain and all its categories.  
  • The “Narrow Focus” view was created so that you can look at the market as narrowly as possible – it shows the data based on very specific direct competitors.

Based on users’ feedback, we removed the “All Regions” location feature. With the Marketer Explorer tool, specialists prefer to investigate the results for a particular country instead of data from all countries.

Two different market views in Market Explorer

2. New Market Explorer Report – Relevant Sites

In the Relevant Sites report, you can find a list of sites similar to the domain you are analyzing. The tool shows you up to 100 domains from either the All Market or Narrow Focus view. You can sort this data by different traffic metrics. 

New Market Explorer Report – Relevant Sites

Special offer:

You are welcome to try Market Explorer for free until November 12. Then this tool will be included in the Competitive Intelligence add-on. 

Don’t miss this chance as we are offering a 30% discount on the Competitive Research bundle: SEMrush PRO + Competitive Intelligence add-on (Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer) for $209.95 instead of $299. The offer applies to all new Competitive Intelligence add-on users and again, is effective until November 12 (for more information, see our News). 

Get discount >>

Backlink Reports Updates

The Return of the Target URL Error Filter 

Today, we are glad to announce that we have returned the Target URL error filter in Backlink Audit

With the help of this filter, you can find links in your or your competitor’s backlink profile that lead to broken pages. How do you use this? 

  • If you find Target URL errors in your backlink profile: fix the broken pages, or redirect them to new ones. 
  • If you find broken pages in your competitors’ backlink profiles: this is your backlink opportunity – try using broken link building tactic.
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Target URL error filter in Backlink Audit

Reveal broken links >>

Sponsored and UGC Link Attributes in SEMrush Backlink Reports

Google recently announced two new link attributes – Sponsored and UGC:

  • rel=”sponsored” is for actively paid links
  • rel=”ugc” is for links within UGC content, such as comments and posts on guest blogs and forums

According to Google, the new attributes do not transfer link juice and are not taken into account in ranking, but help to identify the nature of particular links. 

We’ve already added an option to analyze links with those directives to both Backlink Analytics and Backlink Audit.

Now in Backlink Analytics you can find:

  • Widgets with all link attributes in the Overview and Backlinks reports
  • Fast filters and special labels for links in the Backlinks report

Backlink Analytics you can find: Widgets with all link attributes in the Overview and Backlinks reports

Available in Backlink Audit are:

  • A special widget on the Overview report
  • Advanced filters and special labels for links on the Audit tab

Backlink Audit: Advanced filters

Learn more about Backlink Audit >>

Domain Categories when Analyzing any Domain in Backlink Analytics 

After you enter a domain in Backlink Analytics, we gather the relevant categories that your domain falls under.

We’ve added a new Overview widget showing referring domains’ categories, with the percentage relevance of that industry to the queried domain. You can also see an extended categories list right in the header no matter what tab you are on.

Moreover, you can filter all of your referring domains by category in the Referring Domains report.

What's New in SEMrush [October 2019]. Image 6

Сheck a domain for Categories and Sponsored and UGC links >>

Management of Your Site 

Site Audit Improvements

1. Improved Navigation in the Site Audit tool
Now in the Issues report you can search by a specific type of check; for example, on this screenshot you can see all issues related to the mobile version of the site:

Improved navigation in the Site Audit tool

You can also filter by category. If you are interested in knowing what category a particular check is placed in, check out “Why and how to fix”. The updated filters also give you an opportunity to filter new checks or triggered checks quickly. We keep applied filters and searched terms in URL to let you share the link with the chosen parameters easily.

2. New Site Audit check
We have added a new Site Audit check, “resource formatted as page link”, which will tell you how to improve website architecture and avoid confusing search engines. Of course, in “Why and how to fix it” you will find a detailed explanation of the problem and how to solve it.

New Site Audit check

Set up Site Audit >>

Management of Your Business Listings

Listing Management is a tool for keeping your business listings consistent and accurate across the internet.

Now you can not only see all of your location listings in the Locations tab, but also filter them by address, name, brand, and status (Complete, Processing, Cancelled). We hope that now you will find it even more convenient to edit information across all directories.

Management of business listings

Check your business listings >>


Keywords, Content and Social Media

Keyword Magic Tool Database

The Keyword Magic tool database is constantly growing. The latest update gave us a database growth of over 860 million, so now the Keyword Magic tool has grown to 16.4 billion keywords in total. Today, we’re helping SEO specialists in countries such as: 

  • 🇧🇷 Brazil +79M – 1.6B 
  • 🇺🇸 United States +77M – 2.2B 
  • 🇦🇺 Australia +40M – 415M
  • 🇫🇷 France +35M – 976M 
  • 🇬🇧 United Kingdom +33M – 755M
  • 🇨🇴 Colombia +32M – 305M

In New Zealand, the Keyword Magic Tool Database has doubled (and now stands at 604M) and that for the United Arab Emirates has grown by 20% (now at 387M).

We work so that you can easily find great keywords to promote your business! You can always check any other stats about SEMrush big data.

New Pricing for the Content Marketing Platform

We’ve worked a lot on our Content Marketing Toolkit to develop a robust platform that will help in your content marketing. With its new functionality, our platform will assist you in driving marketing results by helping you to find ideas for new content creation, develop an editorial plan, optimize articles, and discover publication opportunities.

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We’ve reached an inflection point where a pricing update is necessary to maintain our long-term investment in developing the Content Marketing Platform and to make room for some great new features coming your way.

The Content Marketing toolkit became available strictly for Guru and Business users in October. Those users who activated their Pro subscription before October 3rd also have access to all functionalities.

You can find the actual feature comparison on the prices page.

SEO Writing Assistant

1. New check for Alt attributes for images.

As Alt attributes within <img> tags are used by search engines to understand the contents of your images, we recommend that you add descriptive text to your images. This way, you won’t miss the chance to get better placement in search results as well as rank in image search results.

2. SEO Writing Assistant (SWA) button in our blog.

Good news for our blog authors, because now, with the help of a special SWA icon in the blog admin panel, you can check your text and apply SEO recommendations from our SEO Writing Assistant.

swa in blog panel

If you want to share your digital marketing knowledge with our readers and establish yourself as a true authority in the industry, feel free to check our guidelines and submit an article! 

Tracking Competitors’ LinkedIn 

Now you can have a deeper look at competitors’ LinkedIn audiences with the help of Social Media Tracker. The tool allows you to compare how the number of followers has changed for you and your competitors.

To start tracking, go to the tool settings, choose or add a competitor, then select their LinkedIn profile.

Tracking competitors’ LinkedIn

Using the PDF button in the Overview or LinkedIn report, you can export audience data right from the tool. What’s more, you can now add LinkedIn information in My Reports using Social Media Tracker widgets.

LinkedIn from Social Media Tracker in My Reports

Track competitors’ LinkedIn >>

Search for New Customers

We updated the Overview page of OPPTY, the tool for searching for potential customers. Now you can see the total number of companies we have found and analyzed in your industry within your locale.

Overview page of OPPTY

Find more leads >>


PDF Export from Position Tracking

We have improved export capabilities from Position Tracking directly as well as from the My Reports section.

As for exporting from the tool directly, you can now export the summary data from the Landscape tab of Position Tracking.

PDF export from Position Tracking

When exporting from My Reports, there is also a new widget called Top Competitors Chart, where you can compare your position against competitors based on the Number of Keywords and Average Position data.

widget Top Competitors Chart

Brand Monitoring Widgets in My Reports

All of our Brand Monitoring Overview widgets are available in My Reports. You can use the PDF button right in the tool and add widgets from Brand Monitoring in the My Reports section. 

As Brand Monitoring is a part of the Content Marketing Platform, it is available for users with Guru and Business subscriptions.

Remember to add these widgets to your customized reports to keep track of the trend of brand mentions, metrics for those mentions, and the top domains that mention you.

Brand Monitoring widgets in My Reports

Updated Google Analytics Widget in My Reports

Now, instead of one metric in the Google Analytics widget – Top Pageviews – you can select up to six important metrics that you need to see in My Reports; this is useful for creating highly customized reports for any need, and for targeting your clients.

Google Analytics widget in My Reports

Сreate your perfect report >>

That is it for October. We would love to hear your feedback on any of the features mentioned above. Also, share with us what new features you would like to see in our tools and what other information you would like to have in our updates. I wonder what November will bring to us :-).

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