What's The Use Of A Sales Funnel?

What’s The Use Of A Sales Funnel?

The internet gave rise to a lot of new jobs. A lot of old services and products got revolutionized. One of the most interesting changes happened in the field of marketing. A couple of decades ago, in order to sell a product, you had to create an ad in the newspaper and then advertise within a 30-second spot on television.

That put a lot of pressure on marketers because they weren’t getting any other metrics besides sales. Now, that has all changed. You can have insight into what’s going on at any time on your website. You can measure metrics such as click-through rates, time on page, and stages in the marketing funnel.

 Now, most people use the term funnel interchangeably between sales and marketing. But there’s a difference between the two. Even if you go to a search engine like Google, you will get similar results. Even though they’re very similar, they’re not identical.

It’s a subtle difference that’s responsible for taking you from good to great. If you want to succeed in business, you need to know about the path that new user takes when they get to know your brand for the first time and what stages they visit before they convert into a customer. Visit this page for more info.

Running campaigns that focus on getting more people in touch with your page is the responsibility of a marketing funnel. This includes emails, SEO, social media, and all other things that bring exposure. However, then it’s time to deal with an action such as buying, then it’s all about the sales. This includes a “Thank You” page after a purchase, an upsell campaign, and an order page. Here’s a bit more info about the subject. 

What are the stages?

What are the stages?

There are four main stages that a visitor needs to go through before they can buy one of your products. Even though skipping through the stages is possible, most of the time, the buying process follows a textbook example. Here’s how it goes.

When you start a business, no one knows who you are and what you do. This means that it’s tough to get an audience and convince people that you’re doing something important. That’s why the first stage is called awareness.

This includes all of the strategies that are responsible for getting people to start interacting with your business. If you offer IT services, this includes creating blog posts about what you do and what kinds of problems your business can solve. It’s wise to answer the most frequently asked questions in your niche to start.

The second stage is called interest. This is when people want to know more about what you do. They might start asking additional questions. Some of them are going to subscribe to your YouTube channel or your email list to follow what you’re doing.

Then comes the decision stage. After they’ve been exposed to your brand for some time, people are going to start thinking about buying your products and services. When they eventually perform the action, the sales funnel finishes, and you have a customer. But the process doesn’t end at the bottom of the funnel. Then, there is a new journey that starts with retaining and maintaining relationships. 

Can people go through the funnel faster?

Can people go through the funnel faster?

It takes a lot of time to establish a relationship with a brand. Sometimes, it can take months before someone goes from a visitor to a customer. So, is there a way to speed up the process? The answer is yes. Here’s an example.

Let’s say that you go on vacation and you bring the wrong clothing. You only bring long-sleeved shirts and pants, and the weather outside becomes scorching hot. Plus, there’s a beach nearby, but you didn’t think you would need a swimsuit.

This leads you to a clothing store. As soon as you start looking through the clothes, a representative comes to you and informs you that if you buy three shirts, the fourth one would be free. This forces you to look for combinations of shirts that would make you completely satisfied.

Then, when you get to the cash register, they suggest that adding a pair of shorts would lead to an additional five percent discount, and they also suggest which pair would go nicely with your choice of shirts. That’s an amazing upsell, and almost no one would refuse. You are completely satisfied with your purchases, and you go outside.

That kind of service would lead you to return to the store again the following day and purchase additional clothing. Well, your website can work in the same manner. The secret to doing that online is creating content for all of the stages.

Having a lot of content on your site can make your online store be a hundred times more successful than having a physical salesperson. That’s because everything is already created beforehand, and the page works all the time. Anyone that clicks can interact with what you’ve written and recorded. 

What’s the best way to get more clients?

Most people think that the best way to get clients is through social media like Facebook or having a YouTube channel. You can find out more about Groovefunnels which is a better option. That’s not the case. In reality, email is the best-performing tool. Everyone checks their email when they’re at work.

That’s the time when people want to be thinking about other things, instead of working. Sending personalized notes with a discount link is the easiest way to entice someone to buy your products. If they use the link, then you can start sending additional information such as giving them gift ideas for their friends, as well as coaching them on how to use your product in ways they haven’t thought about.

Using social media for awareness and email for closing is the best tactic that will always bring a positive outcome. Cultivating your visitors and leads to devoted customers is something that will bring your more profits the more work you put into it. 

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