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What’s The Worst Thing About SEO

There is a thread at Reddit discussing what the worst thing about SEO is. John Mueller of Google posted about it on Twitter saying the thread seems to imply that the worst thing about SEO is SEO. Are you insulted?

I wanted to pull out what people think the worst thing about SEO is here, so you can see it in short list order:

  • Scuzzy salesmen
  • Dirty practices
  • Clients not doing their work
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • SEOs claiming to be the best
  • The junk in the search results
  • People thinking they know SEO and they don’t
  • Penalties
  • Negative SEO
  • Barry Schwartz (no joke, I am listed there)

The list goes on, including from John’s tweet:

and much more, so check it out.

Forum discussion at Reddit and Twitter.

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