Where Your Wildest Blogging Dreams Sit and How to Get There

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Blizzard like conditions.

7 degree Fahrenheit wind chills.

Blowing snow.

I figured; why not take the garbage out to the dumpster in my shirt, shorts and flip flops?

As you can see I am not in the tropics now. Me and my wife will be in Thailand in about 3 weeks. But for now we are in the States.

The Northeast is experiencing blizzard like conditions as I write these words. Yet I casually walked 2 minutes to and from the dumpster in my summer clothes.


I am comfortable with being uncomfortable, habitually.

I leave my comfort zone routinely, blogging-wise and life-wise.

Where Your Blogging Dreams Sit

All of your blogging dreams sit well outside of your comfort zone.

Do you want to be a full time blogger? Get comfortable with diving into your fears, for surrendering to your fears is the main reason you haven’t become a full time blogger already.

Some bloggers seem to experience a meteoric rise to success. But this lot simply does highly uncomfortable things regularly to leave their comfort zones, to grow quickly and to succeed with their blogs.

How was I able to walk outside in a shirt, short and flip flops with a 7 degree F wind chill howling around me? I take an icy cold shower on waking every single day to both dive into a deep fear and to condition myself to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Daily Habit of Being Uncomfortable

My daily icy cold shower helped me walk outside in today’s blizzard like it was nothing. 120 seconds outside, no sweat.

The uncomfortable but freeing and fear dissolving habit of hopping into an icy cold shower daily has inspired me to do blogging stuff that most bloggers fear doing, including guest posting to world famous blogs, doing live broadcasts and releasing 126 eBooks in addition to 4 online courses.

Most bloggers feel terrified to guest post on top blogs for fear of failing to land the guesties, or for fear of receiving criticism. Ditto for doing live broadcasts, or for creating online courses or eBooks.

Doing a live broadcast feels as natural to me as breathing. Ditto for writing guest posts I submit to any blog.

My blogging dreams have come true – and continue to expand – because I developed the habit of doing highly uncomfortable things, habitually, because I knew my wildest dreams sat well outside of my comfort zone.

How to Get There

Feel the fear. Do it anyway.

Do not cower to fear.

Write your first guest post. Even if it feels scary to do so.

Comment genuinely on top blogs from your niche. Even if it feels like you are wasting your time in doing so.

Ditto for every blogging fear you have.

Do not turn around. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Allow your love of freedom and passion for blogging to pull you through your fears.

This is how to make a beeline for your wildest blogging dreams.

The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge in making your blogging dreams come true is to dive headfirst into your fears.

I suggest baby stepping your way into mental blocks.


Do you feel terrified to do live broadcasts on Facebook? I mean genuinely scared. Like, shaking in your boots scared?

Here’s what you do; pull out your phone and record a few practice videos offline. No need to upload these suckers. Practice. Get comfortable seeing yourself on camera. Get comfortable hearing yourself on camera. Address a few fears, get clearer on your delivery and then you can start doing live broadcasts after a few weeks of practice.

No need to take a quantum leap, if some blogging task feels incredibly uncomfortable to you.


Watch as I discuss this blogging idea in detail.

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