Why Does Your WiFi Speed Stink? [Infographic]

WiFi is that individual friend that comforts us after work, allowing us to surf the Netflix in bed, and permitting us to work from anywhere, anytime we wish to do so.

Thus, to sum up, I should say that WiFi has become nothing short of a necessity these days, especially with the steeply rising curve of mobile device usage. But at the same time, when speed issues arise you feel like throwing your mobile device right out of the window.

Fortunately, most of these speed issues can be solved in a jiffy. We will discuss all these things in greater detail in this article (cum infographic). So pay attention as closely as possible.

Causes of poor WiFi speed

  1. Poor router positioning

Most people don’t pay much heed to the importance of picking a decent spot for their respective WiFi routers.

Now, this is a mistake. Remember, even a small shift in positioning can make all the differences in the world. Poor router positioning can bog down your network and can bring its speed down well below a notch or two.

  1. WiFi thieves

One of the best things about owning a personal wireless network is the easy access it provides to the internet. But sometimes this access becomes too easy such that anyone can get on it without your permission.

Always remember that the more people you have on your network, the slower it’s going to be. Hence, this vulnerability of your network must be removed (or checked) at all possible cost to boost your WiFi in the best possible manner.

  1. Too far

Yes, distance does count as an issue.

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The farther you are away from your router, the weaker its signal going to be.

  1. Interferences

Interference from other devices such as microwave ovens, wireless speakers, direct satellite services, cordless telephones, and other similar devices can seriously bog down your network connection for bad.

Try to keep your router away from these interfering devices to get the best possible results in the long run.

A few notable mentions:

  • Network congestion
  • Noise
  • Bluetooth interference
  • Christmas lights
  • Outdated equipment

So that takes care of the causes then. Let’s move on the cure now. This infographic can help.

How to give your router a boost in the right direction


Source- Inspire WiFi

So that’s it then. Hope you had a good and enlightening read. Happy fixing!

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