Why Financial Advisor Marketing Requires an Expert

Whether you are just starting out or growing your existing business, you need financial advisor marketing services that deliver massive online exposure and the maximum leads for the lowest possible cost. Could you do this on your own? Perhaps…if you have enough time to learn. But your time is better spent advising clients, consulting with a steady stream of new prospects and staying current on financial trends, tools, and products. Here’s what a digital marketing expert can do for you and your business:

An Online Presence that Draws Visitors In

Anyone can have a website and social media pages. What distinguishes a successful website and social media presence is being able to draw viewers into your site and ultimately turning casual visitors into clients. For that, you need a digital marketing professional who knows how to 1) use digital imagery to get you noticed quickly, 2) build user-friendly navigation across the site so your message gets delivered and 3) schedule regular postings so there’s always something new for visitors to see.

Content that Speaks to Prospective Clients

Content is critical to a successful online marketing strategy. Anyone can post an article. You want content that works as hard as you do. A professional online marketer can create and distribute content that attracts traffic, generates leads and helps you convert prospects into clients. Think of content as your first opportunity to speak with a prospect. You want that first impression to turn into a phone call, a request for more information or meeting.

Search Engine Ranking that Gets You Found

The search engine is the gatekeeper that determines whether or not people in need of your financial services see your website, your content and your business online. This is why financial advisors are doing all they can to ensure that they have a robust digital presence. You’re competing for visibility. You want a professional on your team who understands SEO (search engine optimization). To achieve a top ranking, you need to know how to combine several strategies and tactics into your content—including keywords, backlinks and meta tags. With an expert on your team, your content is automatically optimized to generate leads and improve search engine ranking.

Time to Focus on the Important Things

Being a financial advisor can be hectic. It’s a full-time job that leaves little room for learning the many social media platforms. Furthermore, a successful online strategy demands consistency and regularity. Those times when your schedule is full and you can’t find time to post and share online will hurt your overall online presence. With a professional on the job, you can eliminate the excess workload that takes you away from business and still know that your online presence is growing.


In a time when getting more clients means performing on all the right online marketing platforms, it is highly recommended that as a financial advisor you hire a digital marketer. Yes, you can be your own online expert. The questions you have to ask are: Do I have the time and interest in doing this myself? Will I be taking valuable time away from my business and, most important, my clients?

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