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What’s the formula for driving successful websites? How can they manage to get thousands of organic visitors each month and convert the leads to sales?

The truth is that no one has the upper hand with search engines. It offers a level playing field for all websites. It has a set of obscure rules that define the criteria of ‘algorithm.’ No one really knows how exactly the algorithm works. But, you can give your best shot at keeping your site organic and readable. Your site should exhibit authority and expertise to get more traffic. Besides, it must be trustworthy.

Once you have got your head around these basic aspects, look at the details. Is your site doing enough to attract quality traffic? How is your back linking game? Do you have a dedicated YouTube channel?

You will have to invest a few months for the efforts to show results. Given that you are doing it right; the results should be visible within six months. That said, here are your top five reasons why your website is not getting enough traffic.

  1. The User Experience is Less Than Perfect

This is the number one reason why you may lose traffic. Probably, your website is loading too slowly. There might be something off with the color scheme. Your site may display cluttered navigation. The content on your site may not be able to strike a chord with visitors. Your site might be failing to attract mobile internet users. If you are not getting enough traffic, it is important to have a good look at your UX.

Here are some other areas of improvement.

  1. Maintaining consistency in between the pages
  2. Not using bullet points
  3. Users find it difficult to get information
  4. Search functionality not available
  5. Auto playing videos
  6. Using an automatic sliding carousel

You can use excellent online tools for website visitor monitoring. Using a good tool helps you understand how visitors are using your website. Such insights can provide valuable support to webmasters for increasing traffic to their sites.

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2. Not Using the Full Potential of Social Media:

The chances are that there is a lot of scope for improvement in your social front. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of possible social media lapses.

  1. Limiting Yourself: You might be trying hard to promote your site on Facebook. Are you doing the same for Instagram and Twitter? The truth is, promotions on each social media site must follow a set of unique rules. The crowd on Twitter is different from Facebook. Instagram offers a different experience from Twitter. Linkedin is exclusively for professional purposes. YouTube attracts people with videos. You get the idea. Devise unique strategies to address these varying audience types.
  2. Not Engaging with Your Audience: Never take social media for granted. Engage with your audience in a fruitful way. Your social presence should be attractive and interactive. Create a custom cover image and write an interesting bio. Whenever you receive attention, remember to thank your visitors. Strike a conversation with them. Visit their profiles and like/share their posts. You can also regularly arrange contests or giveaways to make the experience more rewarding.
  3. Irregular with Social Content: Be regular with social media posting. Post interesting updates regularly. Format the content as open-end questions to attract answers from users. Not doing this will cause your traffic to dwindle.
  4. Not Using Paid Campaigns: Paid campaigns on social media sites such as Facebook can go a long way in bringing fresh traffic to your site. Use the different variables wisely to set an effective ad campaign.
  5. Not Using Forums: Forums attract a lot of niche crowd to websites. Being a member of different forums can help you access your target audience.
  • Inadequate Content Marketing Strategy: Although this is a part of SEO, yet it deserves a special mention. In digital marketing, the right content plays a vital role. Here are some of the areas where you might not be doing enough with content marketing.

I. Not Having a Separate Blogs Section: Having a separate blogs section on your website increases the time span that visitors are likely to spend on your page. Well-written blogs also establish you as an authority on your niche. This is more likely to expand the readability of your page. Keep the blog well-organized and searchable.

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II. Not Posting Regular Blogs: You will have to be regular with your blog posts. Common experience shows that users are more likely to read the latest blog than old ones. Being regular also increases your chances of getting indexed by search engines.

III. Not Targeting the Right Keywords: Research and find long-tail keywords that should fare well with search engines. Using high-quality paid keyword research tools effectively helps to devise a credible keyword strategy. Create great blogs around these keywords and promote them on socials.

  • Not Using Emails and Newsletters: Email campaigns and newsletters can be very useful in attracting visitors to your site. Just make sure that you do not bombard your users’ inboxes with too many emails. Keep your email text concise, to the point, and helpful. If you already have a subscriber base, use the emails to reach out to your target audience. Inform your customers of the latest offers and offer them rewards as discounts.
  • Not Doing Proper SEO: See if your site has checked all the boxes for SEO. This includes alt-tags, meta descriptions, page titles, and URLs. These technical elements should represent your keyword correctly. Apart from that, you should make the effort in creating high-quality backlinks to your site. You can do this in several ways, including guest posting, blog commenting, and posting on resource pages.

There you are with the top 5 reasons why your site may not be getting enough traffic. Use this insight to devise strategies on how to counter these. With adequate steps, you can see a holistic growth in traffic over time. The right strategies can not only grow your traffic but retain it. Just remember that these are not quick-fix aids that would show magical results in one week. It does not work that way, sorry!

Best of luck!

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