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Be Picky Get Paid

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Or, where you choose to place your attention and energy, grows.

Watch this video I recorded recently. I will explain this concept and why it literally pays to be a picky blogging entrepreneur:

I recall one potential client asking me if I could help the individual build a 6 figure income through blogging over a 6 month stretch. I took a pass on that one. Not because the well-meaning person had the patience of an ADD guppy, but because I knew immediately I was not an energetic match with the individual.

I enjoy coaching bloggers to get clear on their direction, to find their passion, to identify effective practical tips to follow to grow their blogging success and yes, to make money blogging, but merely as a byproduct of what they do.

Sure I help clients to make money blogging. But if someone’s prime goal in working with me is to make money through their blog – especially trying to make 6 figures in 6 months – we are definitely not a match.

Where Your Attention And Energy Goes Grows

I do not devote my attention and energy toward someone who is a non match. I am picky. I hire clients. Or I choose course and eBook customers to connect with, to help and to assist. Meaning, I choose not to devote my energy to non matches. Meaning, I choose to devote my attention and energy to good matches, from clients whom I resonate with and who freely hire me, to course and eBook and audio book customers who freely buy my eBook and post positive reviews.

Since I devote my attention and energy to resonant people who freely spend money on my premium services I make more money by attracting more people who resonate with my premium services.

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Where I devote my attention and energy continues to grow, steadily and surely.

I just received payment for another course I sold a few hours ago. I recall having to kill myself work-wise to make that type of dough in the past but then again, during my lean days I gave much of my attention and energy to poor matches and also to critical customers. Made sense I would have a tough time making money; I chose to focus on where the money *was not* and non resonant customers and clients.

These days, I give my attention and energy to folks who love what I do. I attract more of these folks since where your attention and energy goes, grows. I celebrate fans who gobble up my eBooks. Inspiring money to flow to me through more channels, including the eBook channel.

If a customer leaves a bad review I move my attention and energy from the customer because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Toss in the fact that it’s silly to try to convert a critic into a fan when I am surrounded by so many friends and rabid fans already and you see why it’s easier to make money blogging when you decide to have posture and to be picky about who you connect with.

Your Turn

Are you having a really tough time building blogging posture? Are you being picky with choosing potential clients? Do you ignore bad customer reviews to focus your attention exclusively on rabid fans who gobble up your premium offerings freely and easily?

What tips can you share for being a picky blogger?

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More Video

In order to align with prospering clients and customers who are super matches you want to network with blogging big dawgs.

Watch me explain 1 way to connect with successful bloggers:

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