Why the Paths of Fear and Least Resistance Lead to Big Blogging Profits Long Term

A few months ago, I experienced a shift with my blog.

I faced a deep fear, released a deep fear and proceeded from a more abundant, relaxed energy.

Instantly, I made more money through an unexpected channel. Cool. But progressively, I increased my blogging income through more channels than I ever had. Why? I took the path of least resistance but said path felt scary, too. I rose prices and had posture initially, but realized raising prices felt like the path of greatest resistance. Prior, raising prices felt less resistant. I increased prices and sold more stuff. But times change because we are energetic beings.

I began steadily lowering prices on my offerings and 3 things happened:

  • I felt awesome promoting my offerings all day long
  • more people bought my stuff, increasing my blogging profits
  • more people endorsed me, promoted me and grew my referral business by inspiring their friends to buy my stuff

But I only saw these results because I took the least resistant, better-feeling path, which did feel scary.

Monthly Subscription Versus One Time Price

Yesterday, a dear reader asked if I offered payment plans for my blogging course on successful blogging. I do not. But I chose to lower the price because it felt really good, I had no resistance to lowering the price and I want the blogger to benefit from my course. She is much more likely to buy it which benefits her and me; she gets a blogging guide and I make a sale.

But pondering her payments question, I instantly thought of my blogging course for getting featured on famous blogs, available on Teachable. I gave it little attention and sold a handful but I knew taking a less resistant, but maybe scary, path, would make cash flow quickly. Always does.

Researching Teachable, I discovered I could change my one time price to a payment plan or subscription plan. Cool. I changed my pricing to a subscription plan because it felt good. But doing so felt scary, too. Would people subscribe for 1 month, then quit? How would I build income based on $20 monthly payments versus a much larger, one time fee? I sat with fears, allowed fears to pass, and realized offering value through a sub model gets the product into more hands which increases referral traffic and referral business fast.

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Twitter guru and successful blogging buddy of mine Lisa Sicard loves my new pricing structure and quickly tweeted the update literally 10 minutes after I published the post of this news:

Lisa’s followers now know about my new pricing model.  Do you see how fast word of mouth marketing works? Take the path of least resistance. Embrace doubts and fears. Release doubts and fears. What had been a dormant income stream for months instantly perks up. I had not sold this course in a while but even if no one signs up immediately, look at how fast interest for the course picked up. I am on the radar screen again.

If one person signs up, that is $20 this month more than I made last month through the blogging income stream. Plus since I reduced my other course price, that is $500 worth of blogging profits if the rocking reader buys. Plus I have been working a new income stream that has yielded up to $40 daily, from $5 to $10 daily, for the past 3 months. Plus someone just bought my $10 eBook and someone else bought my $7 eBook. Both emailed me, alerting me to this fact.

$500 plus $10 plus $10 plus $7 adds up. Plus people buy my eBooks without emailing me about the purchase.

Can you see how, over time, the least resistant path adds up to immense blogging profits? People fight and take the resistant path, DEMANDING $1000 in one time payments today, struggling like hell, when they could make their course a subscription price, sign up 10 people, and make $2400 for the year. Plus those 10 happy students refer the rocking course to 30 more students over the year, who sign up next year, tripling my income.

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But I also earn more through every other income stream, boosting profits across the board because I took the non-resistant path.

Do What Feels Good, Relaxed and a Bit Scary to You

Blogging is an intimate, personal journey for everybody. I advise you to have posture and raise prices as your success expands but if this feels tough, heavy or flat out bad, take the non-resistant path. If it feels good and relaxing to drop prices, do it, because you will sell more (based on your good feeling), and happy customers will sell even more for you, through referral aka word of mouth marketing.

Of course, it may feel scary for you to see $20 monthly payments versus a $1000 one time payment but all blogging roads lead to Rome. If you are generous, detached, trusting and willing to take the non-resistant pricing path, your blogging income will increase to substantial levels, over time, through lesser or bigger ticket products. Some guy Jeff Bezos sells a lot of cheap stuff. He is worth $150 billion by taking the sometimes scary but least resistant path. If he took the heavily resistant, comfy path, he would be worth $150.

I feel like I am just beginning to blog, 10 years in to my career.

Ain’t that exciting?

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