Why your Business needs to be equipped with Security Cameras

2. Video Surveillance Storage  

The best educated commercial security installers know a focus on reliable storage is mandatory. Something we have found consistent in today’s security environment is the need for additional surveillance archives.  Adding additional business security cameras, switching to high-definition cameras, and responding to lengthier retention requirements should not cause you a headache over figuring out how to store this excess data. Through the use of an NVR (Network Video Recorder), hard drive, or network server an IP camera system will allow you to store all the recorded footage digitally.

Business owners may think they have the pulse on what’s going on with their employees, customers, and products. The reality is everything is changing all-the-time and situations may come-up like an inaccurate inventory count, a customer complaint that occurred or even god forbid a lawsuit that is brought to the attention of the business well past the 30-day retention time where video surveillance evidence would have really come in handy.   The overwhelming majority of small businesses only store video for 1-2 weeks.  With surveillance compression technologies there is a way to keep that audit trail longer to mitigate future risk.

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