World experts share wealth of SEO knowledge at SEOCON 2020

World experts share wealth of SEO knowledge at SEOCON 2020

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The SEOCON Conference 2020 event that presented a plethora of global and local experts of search engine optimization (SEO) was officially held at the Kasablanka Hall, Kasablanka City, Jakarta.

The event, held on February 26-27, is a place to share SEO-related knowledge that can be applied to build and develop a website.

The first day of the event entailed a conference or explanation on SEO, while a workshop was held on the second day.

The experts included Neil Patel (CrazyEgg, UberSuggest, KISSmetrics, Neil Patel Digital), Jon Earnshaw (Owner, Global CTO, and Co-Founder of Pi Datametrics & Intelligent Positioning), and Jono Alderson (Special Ops from Yoast).

“Now, Indonesia will have millions of sites as a result of technological developments that generate millions of traffic. I hope this conference would help in learning everything related to SEO,” ToffeeDev Founder Ryan Krsto Muljono stated.

Muljono expounded that the SEACON 2020 is different as compared to the earlier SEOCON event.

“The SEACON 2020 features over 12 free workshops,” he revealed.

SEOCON 2020 turned out to be the ideal event to define company policies, particularly in the digital ecosystem, which certainly required planning in accordance with up-to-date market trends and forecasting.

Apart from experienced speakers, attendees at this event also comprised several businesspersons from various business backgrounds.

“This will be a good opportunity to increase your business connection,” he pointed out.

The conference also featured JS Carlos, Global SEO of Traveloka, who delivered lessons on how to use SEO followed by Fabian Lim from the Asia Search Engine Academy, and several other practitioners.

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Carlos offered several suggestions, one of which pertained to strengthening the SEO signal. He opined that the SEO was the strongest when coalesced with other factors and aids.

Hence, companies need to apply a combination of aspects to ensure that SEO is able to generate high traffic and encourage companies to not depend on Google.

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