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If you have been using the capturing, tracking and reporting capabilities of Xero Projects on your desktop, you can now perform the same functions on your mobile device. Xero (NZE: XRO) now has Xero Projects on iOS and Android.

With the new apps, you will be able to proactively track time on jobs in and outside of the office. You can get real-time views of all your projects and relevant information in one place.

If you run small businesses with a remote workforce, it means your employees can access the time spent on jobs and other expenses to deliver accurate billing from anywhere.

Monique Smith of Xero, who wrote the blog announcing the apps, explained the efficiency it will offer businesses. She said, “Whether over the phone, via email or in person, any time spent on one client’s job is less time spent on something else, and is therefore a cost to you — one that can easily be missed if you’re relying on spreadsheets, notebooks or even scraps of paper.”

Using the Xero Projects App

With Touch ID, users can login and quickly track their time using the timesheet view. The data includes time entries with total hours for a day or week. The platform is updated using the Xero cloud ecosystem so everyone has the latest and most accurate information.

Xero says it is expanding the capabilities of the Projects app. Some of the features you might see in the future include user permissions, staff time summary, faster time entry options and more.

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Xero Projects App Now Available for Android and iOS

Getting the App

The Xero Projects app is available on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. To get started, you need a Xero organization with Projects enabled. You then add users so they can have access to the projects they are working on. They can login with their Xero credentials on their device to get going.

You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Making Your Business Available

What the Xero Projects app gives your small business is availability. If you or your employees don’t have to come to the office to deliver real-time information to customers while in the field, the company will be more efficient and profitable. Not to mention making your customers much happier!

Image: Xero

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