You probably won’t be buying a Mac Pro this year

Apple’s end-to-end product vision extends from content consumption all the way to content creation and distribution, and its hardware line-up ranges from entry-level laptops to the pricey Mac Pro.

Apple has designed the Mac Pro to go places no other Mac has ever reached – but one place it won’t go is into the mass market.

Apple’s best ever Mac

With a $5,999 starting price, the Mac Pro is a highly sophisticated supercomputer that’s going to sell in the thousands at the highest end of the industry (and to the world’s wealthiest Apple fans).

The people who purchase these Macs will be high-end professionals, users who aren’t always at the cutting edge of hardware or software upgrades. These are the kind of people who like to maximize the value they get out of their existing kit. Many may be avoiding upgrading to macOS Catalina because they still rely on 32-bit plug-ins. Some may use pre-subscription versions of key creative apps because they want to make money, not spend it.

These are users who may eventually invest in new hardware and software – and may need to do so, given the many years since Apple introduced a significant high-end Mac upgrade. But don’t expect them to rush into a purchase quickly.

Some of the larger graphics, music and movie production and photography set-ups may invest in one or two of these high-end Macs for testing and review, but they won’t want to migrate their entire workflows over immediately.

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