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As the number of COVID-19 cases surge in the US there is a looming threat facing the US— healthcare capacity. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA) there are close to 6,146 hospitals with 924,107 beds, and only a small fraction have isolation .[i] Given this stark reality senior executives at companies, must make swift decisions to protect their employees, their communities, and even the US healthcare system. Many companies have made the right move and have enforced remote working— a preventative measure to prevent spread. The next step is to double-click into being reactive to employee healthcare needs. Towards this end companies should:

In this moment of need, raise awareness of virtual care services to your employees. If you can, offer subsidies to cover these services. While many programs are less expensive than an in-person visit, others are not. These services help triage workers to determine if it is safe for them to come to work or quarantine (if they cannot work remotely) and support employees with chronic conditions that are afraid to risk exposure in hospital waiting room. If your health plan does not offer these benefits, educate your employees about direct to consumer (options. Teladoc and dr on demand are just two examples of a highly saturated DTC virtual care market.

Strong leadership demonstrated during these difficult times will positively or negatively influence your firm’s brand reputation for years to come. Executive teams must put employees and employee experience first. Assemble your management team and provide frequent daily updates to your employees. As in any major change management transformation, you cannot over communicate. Your employees need to understand that executives support them as a first priority, even if tough financial and operational decisions need to be made. Make decisions with thought, and in an expeditious manner to protect your most valuable asset: your people.

Coauthored by: Jeff Becker and Alan Gonsenhauser

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