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Chicago is one of the beautiful and largest cities in the US that attract large visitors every year. Although it is a very friendly city, first-time visitors should keep certain things to mind while planning their trip.

Trip to Chicago

Another thing is that it gives ways to plan a tour accordingly with family and children. It is necessary to follow important tips when organizing a tour to Chicago. Another thing is that visitors can focus more on their goals on a trip enabling them to experience more satisfaction.

There are some places that visitors should not miss them in Chicago because they make the trip a memorable one in life.

1] Millennium Park

Millennium Park is an art-filled park where visitors can see the fee concert and take photos with others. There is a beer garden located at the outdoor beer garden at the Park Grill allowing visitors to enjoy the beverage.

2] Chicago Lakefront

Chicago Lakefront is one of the places to visit because it enables visitors to perform various types of outdoor activities with more pleasure. Visitors can also rent a bike for making a ride to North Avenue Beach.

3] Adler planetarium

Adler planetarium in Chicago covers immersive theatre programs, exhibitions, and other fun events letting visitors get happiness. It is the first planetarium in the US dedicated to space and astronomy studies.

4] The Loop

The Loop located in the heart of the business district includes some great architecture like the cultural centre, the Thompson centre, the Wills Tower, and so on. Anyone who wants to have a different view can go for a boat tour on the Chicago River.

5] City History Museum

This museum provides the best opportunities for visitors to have a good overview of the city in detail. It is open from 9.30 am to 4. 30 pm and the entry fee is only $ 16.

Travel tips to Chicago

1) Using Skytrain

Travellers arriving by plane to the city should use Skytrain services instead of a taxi. This is because it will help to reach the City Centre and other places of interests easily. Another thing is that it gives ways to save visitors from wasting time in numerous traffic jams.

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2) Buying a city pass

It is advisable to buy a city pass after entering into the city. The pass allows visitors to get 50% off on admissions while visiting a number of attractions. Moreover, it includes a 7-day cable car and minibus pass enabling visitors to save money on expenses.

3) Considering rideshares

Uber and Lyft services are cheaper than other taxi services allowing visitors to get around the city at affordable prices. On the other hand, first-time visitors should consider a rideshare option for ensuring better savings. They can even use certain codes on a ride for minimizing the expenditure to a great extent.

4) Using subways

Those who come to the city for business meetings should use subways because they have to face severe traffic jams on busy streets. It is advisable to know more about the alternate routes and other shortcuts from different sources for reaching a venue on time.

5) Getting a CTA card

A CTA card is an excellent choice for visitors to navigate the neighbourhoods of Chicago city at cheaper prices. In fact, it works like a rechargeable card and one can even load a dollar amount when making a ride. Although the card is valid only for 3 days, a seven-day pass is available for travellers when they want to stay longer in the city.

6) Knowing the local terms

There are many local terms used in Chicago City such as the loop and the grid system and visitors should focus more on knowing them in detail when making a trip. Besides that, it will help to avoid unwanted problems significantly.

7) Checking the weather

The weather in Chicago is unpredicted one and visitors should check the climate conditions with local authorities. Furthermore, it is a wise one to dress practically with lots of layers to avoid heavy winds and other issues.

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8) Renting cycles

Chicago is the best city for cycling activities and visitors can rent a cycle from a local shop under $ 10 for a day. A bicycle ride is a suitable one for those who want to avoid traffic jams and congestion in the busy areas. It even makes feasible ways to access the beautiful views of a lake on one side and other buildings on another side.

9) Safety

As crime rates are high in the Chicago city, it is necessary to focus more on the safety measures with special attention for ensuring protection.

Apart from that, it allows visitors to get peace of mind while planning a trip to important places. It is a wise one to identify the danger areas in the city from local authorities for minimizing potential risks.

Chicago - City in Illinois

Renting hotels at budget prices

Chicago is one of the most expensive cities in the world and visitors consider renting budget hotels. This is because the price of a budget hotel starts from $ 70 for family. Besides that, it covers modern amenities for visitors allowing them to ensure high-level comforts.

A budget hotel is an ideal choice for those who want to avoid luxurious ones in Chicago city. On the other hand, it is imperative to compare the prices online before booking a hotel.

There are several hotel websites which offer the details of packages in one place allowing visitors to choose the right one accordingly.

Most budget hotels in Chicago offer huge discounts on a package and visitors can use them for reducing the expenses. Although chain hotels are available for visitors, it is not the right choice for them.

A hotel website makes feasible ways to select a package which exactly fit the requirements of visitors. It is advisable to follow the instructions at the time of booking a hotel online. The budget hotels are a perfect one for visitors who want to make a trip with family members.

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